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It's not the fence for houses. It's this fencing. This is what happened at Klang Parade today. Klang parade have been known to host popular events, the best one so far would probably the Pan Wei Bo concert last year. Today, they are hosting the Remaja Fencing something something.

From the TV, fencing doesn't look like a sport that will appeal to me. Watching it live, it still doesn't appeal to me. Is a game of cucuk-mencucuk fun to you?

Oh well.
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I stumbled upon this website when i was looking around (as usual) , and it is called
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Woot! Clean! I'm not that bad after all.

next, i tried out, since his vocabulary is very colourful.


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Erection (2x), crap (1X)

As expected. Next, let's see how bad is Mimosa's Mind.

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This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

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Uh Oh. looks like someone needs a better vocabulary usage...

After getting the certification of my blog's cleanliness, i tried other stuff from that site. Among them:

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At first, i din plan to post anything today at all. But who knows, there's too much that happened today to not post any. It start with exactly 12.00am on 19 November 2007, I received a text message from Sherp. Apparently, due to her competitiveness, she always wanna be first. Although i had received comments from others since a few days ago, she's the first to wish me on this day. this followed by some more wishes through instant messaging.

Then received an e-card from my mum, featuring a flash picture of a statue of Mother Mary carrying Baby Jesus, with this message:
Son, you are 18 today! Sometimes it is hard to believe that the first little baby that I held in my arms is already 18. May God continue to bless you and guide you on your way to being an adult.

Thanks, mum.

Nothing much happened until lunch, when my classmates with a lecturer bring me to Bee's Restaurant to eat. It doesnt take a genius to figure out why they are talking weirdly, going somewhere out of norm to eat, and my friend bringing his bag out when he could have left it at the lecturer's room. So we actually had a fine meal. Although they brought me to a fine place to have our lunch, i noticed that they have difficulties choosing food, probably because of the lesser variety compared to other place, or they are trying to find something that doesnt cost a lot. So, i paid for all of them, since my mum also ask me to give a treat or something. They kept on wanting to pay me back though, hopefully they will forget about it sooner or later. I think those Ah Longs are jealous of me, everyone is so eager to shove money to me. As a present, my friend gave me a copy of the Federal Constitution book, which is needed for Malaysian Studies. At least i don't have to pay my friend RM10 for that book.

Then, after lecture at around 3pm, we have some cake. What's a birthday wihout a cake? The answer: A birthday. Anyway, the cake was quite small, but somehow, i think i have fate with pandan cakes. as far as i remember, either i had no cakes at all, i will have pandan cakes for birthday. This year is no exception.

So, after putting the candles, sing song, cut the cake, bla bla bla, my lecturer gave me this:

Want to know what's written on the bird? It read: FROM MS CHONG. HAPPY B'DAY BRENDRAN GOOD LUCK.

She's been teaching me for half a year, yet still cant remember my name's spelling.

Anyway, after that, i went home. Check my mail, and i got 16 new messages. All from Friendster. 2 are spam messages that i don't even bother to open, 1 new friend request from a girl from Philippines, while the rest are comments. So, i copied the word "thanks!" and paste it into their comments. While everyone send me birthday wishes, there's this one girl who sent me something else. She sent me this:

I dunno whether it reli a "present" for me, or a mistake in sending, or it is sent to everyone in her list, or a bug that cause this advert to send itself to random people, i found this comment kinda humorous, especially in the midst of all the wishes. Sherp, you should be familiar with her. Besides your family, and my family, she's from the third family. Guess :) .

A while later, Max knocked on my door, asking for my Milo. he said that he had food poisoning, stomach ache, vomitting, feverish. He said that he had called the landlord to bring him to clinic because nobody else to rely on. Hope he's fine. Anyway, i din tell him it's my birthday, it might not be at the right moment, since he isnt enjoying himself too. So, i had my usual celebrating dinner: McChicken set.

To sum things up, this is my first birthday without my family. It turn out to be good also, so all's well. To Sherp, Congratz! you're first! To mum, thanks again for the ecard. To Kim Tat who gave me the book, i know Rm10 is not much, but i know it means a great deal to you, so i really appreciate the book. To all that wishes me well in life, thanks a lot. And for those who din, dun worry, try again next year ;P

Food For Thought: I don't understand why someone needs a big birthday celebration, especially kids. You have to ask yourself, What have u done in life to earn big celebrations? for me, i only deserve a big celebration if i have achieved something great in life, means that i was born for something, so deserve to be celebrated. Until then, a simple one is enough ;) .
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Talkdep is the forum where you can talk about anything from it's main purpose, Cyberdunk, to other non basketball related stuff. Recently, my team's manager created a forum there, it's where our team members can gather together and share opinions and tips. You should check it out!
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Remember a month ago i posted about my Cyberdunk game? An update for my game:

My player had reached a value of 21.54, which i'm very proud off, it is due to intense training and some cyberpoints from blogging. I dont buy credits like some of them, this game is to train your players to be better, and although i won't complain about people spending money on them, i find that training and getting better is the whole point of this game. Another season will start in a few days, hopefully i will have another great season!

Want to join? please click HERE to register!
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I stumbled upon these videos of Kotaro Oshio playing his guitar using the fingerstyle. As you all know, guitar are strummed using a pick, right? You know, the triangle thingy. Well, Fingerstyle is playing the guitar without the pick, which can involves plucking, strumming, knocking on the guitar, smacking it or watever style you can think of. Here's how the pros do it:

Amazingly, when you play it this way, it sounds as if 2 or 3 of them playing guitar together. Usually i always misplace my pick, so sometimes i try out these techniques by myself, more like finding new tunes and ways of playing rather than following all those notes all ready for you to play. Anyway, Da Club is giving all you guys a treat-classical music to go with your beer drinking and dining.
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Recently, i stumbled upon someone's (you know who you are) blog, i found another website that allows you to get paid for blogging. Well, since now blog not only serves as an online blog, you can also blog for money! Basically, Smorty is another blog advertising websites that pays you to post about an advertisement. What's so good about this website? First of all, this website pays you in a week after you post your sponsored post. So, you do not have to wait too long for your money to get into your hands. Besides that, Smorty will provide you with opportunities. Some of these websites requires you to grab the opportunities, but Smorty will assign each blogger with the advertisement suitable for them. This means less competition between those who wanted the opportunities.

So, for those who are interested to get paid for blogging, you might want to check out this website.
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I think Klang is the most dangerous place that i have ever lived in so far. I had heard a lot of cases of burglaries and snatch thefts happening before, but until recently it affected someone in my circle of friends. Just less than 3 weeks ago, the house of a friend of mine was broken into. He loss his notebook, his handphone, and other stuff belonging to him and his brother. Well, there's also a good side, they got to buy new laptop and new handphones, as the saying goes, the old din go, the new wont come.

Anyway, while I was back in Qatar, something bad happened to my place too. This is what happened:

Apparently, someone tried to force entry into my apartment. Instead of trying to break the lock, they decided to cut off all the metals, climb in and break open the doorknob. There are marks on the doorknob showing someone tried to rip it off.

The landlord is planning to repair it, and then add another metal door on the inside of the house. That ought to fend off those who tried to break in, or at least frustrate them. I bet they wont suspect they have to go through 4 doors if they want to enter any of the rooms.
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For those who have garage, how is the floor's condition? is it cracking, dirty and stained by oils? Fret no more, Car Guy Garage is here to help! This website offers garage flooring for those who needed it. They sell all kinds of tiles in various colours so that you can match them with your garage's wall colour. Plus, the price they set are very reasonable. So, for those who are interested, you can visit the site from the link above.

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Ah, finally ended my 2 weeks holiday. After only two weeks of holiday, now have to continue studying again. I'm still very unsatisfied with the amount of holidays for my foundation studies program. 2 week of holidays after each semester, which starts from mid March to end of February. That's 11 months of studying, minus 4 weeks for the total break of the three semester, 10 months of pure studying.

Another way to look at it. 15 week per semester, including the exam week. 3 semester would make it 45 weeks. in a year, there are 52 weeks. So, i studied a total amount of 86.5% of a whole year. Not only that, if counting from the start of the lecture till the very end, there ill be extra 4 weeks between them, making it 49 weeks. That would make it 91.8% of studying time in that period of time. Plus, my college is following the normal government holiday plan, meaning we only have holidays on public holidays. no extension, no college-declared holidays, nothing. Other universities or colleges have long semester breaks, plus occasional mid semester breaks, yet they still managed to end their pre-u courses the same time or faster than ours. Plus as far as i know, i'm the only one who will be studying during the year end. All of my friends are back in hometown. No wonder now i'm rushing like hell for my university application.

Anyway, my to do list in the next 3 semesters:
1. Apply to UniSA for Pharmacy program
2. Make payment once receive the offer letter
3. Apply for visa directly through the Australian Government
4. Have a medical check up
5. Book airplane ticket

Yea, all that have to be done by 25/2/2008. Based on the time limit (24 hours a day, not including non-working days), plus the efficiency of those who are dealing with this process (roughly around 30% of the maximum capability), please do the thinking by yourself. I do not want to think about it, just go on with it.

Please pray that i won't be squashed flat on the floor by this pressure. or you can buy me a pressure resistant suit for me.
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Do you guys know what a payday loan actually is? Well, at first, i have no clue. But after visiting Payday Loans, it seems to be a pretty easy to understand loan deal.

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I tried long range shots. So, i set up the camera on the floor, and try to shoot some hoops.

Ok, it's not that clear. Too far, plus lousy camera video cam. So, now i asked someone else to record it for me.

The net was dangling on 2 strands of ropes now after i did that. So, i change sides.

Oops, my bad. Another time.

Yea, i posted a few shots to show that it's no fluke.
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I'm feeling happy today. Click HERE to know why.

First time seeing a real Halloween night. Where ghosts were roaming around. These ghosts won't spook you, in fact, they look cute, kinda like Casper. The only thing they do to you is steal your candies.

Ghosts with Crocs.

Besides ghosts, there are also lots of non-ghosts walking around collecting candies. There are a few coming from Hogwarts, some abandoned The Black Pearl for more treasures, and one or two trans gender trying to be scary (or cute, i can't differentiate).

Even Spiderman paid us a visit.

You should see the candies they got. It's not just sweets, they are willing to give out candy bars, chocolates, Oreos, Pink keyrings, and even pens. After a few waves of ghosts stormed our front door, we managed to survive.

Pumpkin juice, anyone?

So, it's the turn of the little kids around my house to steal candies. I followed them, hoping to get some shots of cool decorated houses.

This looks kinda cute.

No, the pic's not upside down.

Come to think of it, at this night, how do you differentiate a ghost from these kids? Hhmm....