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The album i've been anticipating for quite some time is finally out on 28th September.

Since F.I.R.'s album Flight Tribe is quite a success, i expected this album to be as good. Unfortunately, i'm wrong. Love. Diva is actually better!!!

F.I.R. always implement concepts in their album. Flight Tribe is more to the Taiwanese tribal elements, while the songs in Love. Diva sounds...diva-ish.

Well, i recommend you all out there to get a copy of this album urself, provided u like chinese songs. You can buy them at shops, but i dunno whether it's out here oredi onot. Or you can *cough*download*cough*.....

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Just a short post to all those who are celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival. It is customary for family members to gather together on this day an have a big feast, laughing away at stupid jokes and have a chopstick battle over a chicken drumstick. Well, for those who is in the same situation as me, i celebrate this event alone. or maybe i don't celebrate it myself. I din even bother buying a mooncake to eat.

Friends have been asking me "How are you going to celebrate zhong qiu jie?" , and i always reply "is there a need to celebrate, since celebrating alone has no meaning at all?"

On second thought, maybe i should celebrate it, alone or with family members. So i treated myself with McChicken. Well, it's not a traditional chinese food, but who cares, as long as i feel nice about it.

Oh well, at least i know i won't be celebrating Chinese New Year alone, that's for sure.

Again, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!!
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Ever wondered how it would be if we were all living in a drama-like life? Where almost everything is very dramatic (pun not intended)? As i was watching dramas, i found that their life is not normal. Well, they are normal in a sense that they eat, drink, sleep and breathe just like all of us do. Not normal as in the daily incidents that happened to them.

For instance, take case no.1 : This one applies to girl, so you're a dude, imagine urself having long hair, make ups, skirts or ribbons if you feel like it. You were walking down a stair, and u din see a puddle of water. You step on it, and slipped. What happen to you next? probably u'll fall down, seen by a number of people, and they started laughing at you. You'll end up walking away as fast as possible, looking very embarrassed.

This is not the case in a drama. If you were in a drama, out of nowhere, a guy will successfully hold on to you, preventing you from embarrassing yourself. And not just any guy, probably the best looking guy u've ever seen in your life. Not only that, when he hold onto you, the time seems to stop, eyes producing statics, and both of you seems to move in a slow motion. I think if scientists want to research on time travel, creation of electric out of nowhere and defying gravity, they should start on the drama actors and actresses.

Case no.2: Guy A is about to confess his love to Girl B, who supposedly have a two way feeling with Guy B. Just after Guy A confess, out of nowhere, Guy B appeared, looking shocked, and started to have random thoughts on what's happening, and this turns into a very big mix-up.

In reality, if someone were to be in this big confusion, his or her head might even explode. And don't you think the world is quite big, to have such coincidence?

Case no.3 : there will always be two guys drooling over a girl. Coincidentally, most of the time, those two guys are related, eg: brothers, cousins, father and son, and so on. Usually, those two guys will fight for the girl, literally. Punch here and there, then when tired, sit on the floor while starring at each other, and start to tell each other their love to the girl in a very cheesy way.

Back to reality, if there is a fight going on to win a girl, call me. I wanna witness a once in a lifetime incident. And even if there is a fight, i doubt there will be cheesy lines exchanges, especially with a group of people surrounding them to cheer, probably the police also appear oredi.

Case no.4: Whenever there is an emergency, there is always a problem with the phone : out of battery, phone in use, phone left at home, phone dropped and kaput, and every problem involving phones you can think of. And another thing, when Guy A heard what happen to Girl A, he would start running and looking for her, or drive around the whole city. I wonder what they do with mobile phones. probably they knew that the phone will have problems like mentioned above, so they din bother trying.

I'm not against dramas. In fact, i enjoyed drama like everyone else. They help me get through my boring life faster. It's just that sometimes, those dramas have such a predictable story line. Where's the old type of movies where a villain kidnap the girl and ONE guy will save her, not two fighting over who will save her?
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Imagine Santa Claus climbing through your chimney, and with lots of effort (he needs to slim down, yeh?) managed to plunge himself down. You saw him, and something looks amazingly different. Instead of holding a big sack over his back, now he is holding coupons. hard to believe?

Well, maybe Santa won't do that, but Coupon Chief will! Well, as you all know, kids nowadays don't want toys like rocking horses, dolls and toy cars anymore. They want PS3, XBox 360, PC and watsoever. You think Santa is gonna bring all those things in his sack? With Coupon Chief, it makes Santa's job easier. Basically, Coupon Chief is to provide online coupons for those who wanna do some e-shopping.

Lets say you plan to have turkey for Thanksgiving. Why don't you visit Food Saver and see what they got? It's nice to dine out once in a while.

Or you want to buy a gift for your partner (what's de sudden plan, i dun wanna know) , u might drop by Diamonds International and see all the offers available.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Coupon Chief and see all the great offers there are, from arts all the way to travels, there are different categories for you to choose from. I wonder wat my families will want........

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It's my first time of winning something from my college. This time, it's the win lose or draw plus charade competition. Win lose or draw is where you have to draw and your partners will guess it, while charade is the same thing, but it involves acting. So, basically, in this competition, you'll have to do both.

It may surprise you, how come a person like me will join this type of competition? Well, sometimes, in life, you have to do things although your heart told you the otherwise. Sometimes it is better to follow the other voice than the one inside your head. Still don't get it? Basically, it means we're forced to join.

Anyway, to be fair, all of us from Foundation program joined the competition, so we formed two teams. My team's name was Group No.5 and the other one was Group No.10. Why the special name? Because that's what we were called during the competition.

So it all started early in the morning at around 9, when we all gathered and discuss strategy, like what to show to indicate language, how to indicate the Prime Minister, what to draw to indicate numbers and alphabets and so on. Then, the competition starts at 10 A.M.

The words we need to guess are damn difficult. Some of them are like "Tapioca is the staple food during the japanese occupation" or "Mr. Tee eating banana leaf rice". WTF!!! How are you supposed to act it out? And who the hell is Mr. Tee?

Group no.5 was paired up with Group No.6, since the first round is a knock-out round, to eliminate 5 teams from the participating 10. Luckily for us, Group No.6 was the only all girl team, so we expect them to not do so well. Our expectations were correct, as they score 0. But, so do we. In the end, we needed the tiebreaker to settle it. The question is "Name the Federal Territories of Malaysia". Do you know the answer? Comment on it. Anyway, i was the first to raise my hands up, probably because i'm de only one among all of us to know what it actually means, the rest only knows it in the Malay language. So, off we go for the second round. Group No.10 also qualify, beating their opponent 2-1.

In Round 2, it's the Top 2 qualify for finals system. This time, it's the Win Lose or Draw system. The groups that qualified are 2, 3, 5, 7 and 10. Group 2 and 3 came out getting 0, so we only need to get 1 point to guarantee a hamper.

I'm de first drawer, and the word i get was "Bukit Bintang is in the Golden Triangle". This is easy, i told myself. So i drew something like this:

They guessed Hill Star, but i cant show them anything to change the language, so we din get any marks for this. For the next drawer, the phrase was "13th May was a dark tragedy". Thanks to secret symbols, we came out with the 13, and i immediately thought about 13 may, and everyone, even the MC, was surprised how we even know the number 13. We mad a little mistake by saying "Black day", so we only get 1 mark out of a full 2. The next phrase was "Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak Formed Malaysia on 16th September 1963". I made a little mistake saying Malaysia instead of Malaya, and we only got 1 point. :(

With group 7 getting 2 marks as well, while group 10 din get anything at all, now the final was between us and group 7. After lunch break, there is a live performance by the school's band.

Then, the match continues. Group 5 gets to go first, and the clue the first marker get was "Alex Yong, The first malaysian Grand Prix driver" or something like that, but how to F*** can u act out Grand Prix? I ended up guessing Alex Yong was the first Malaysian F1 driver, the judge din accept it. The opposing team managed to get 1 mark for round 1 of the finals because their clue was "Tugu Negara, the national monument", and they get 1 mark for just simply saying out Tugu Negara.

For the second clue, we got "Tsunami alert in Malaysia was on Wednesday" (referring to the earthquake incident in Indonesia a few days ago). Nobody got any mark for it. The opponent also got 0 for their 2nd round because their "joget" dance looks more like the Iban traditional dance Ngajat.

For the third round, we got "Datuk Azhar Mansur was the first Malaysian to sail around the world alone", but we cant guess the alone part, so we only managed to get 1 mark. Then, the opponent gets "Tuanku Abdul Rahman was the first King of Malaysia". I saw the actor acting out a crown, then those guys keep guessing Tunku Abdul Rahman, so i knew the answer already. I ask my friend to say it, but he says "Tuanku Abdul Rahman is the first PM" or "Tuanku Abdul Rahman is the first PM and Agong".....I snatched the microphone away from him, and said "Tuanku Abdul Rahman was the first Agong of Malaysia". I got 1 mark only, apparently they want the word 'king'.

Note: Tunku Abdul Rahman is the first PM. Tuanku Abdul Rahman is the first King. they have the same name, different title.

So, for the fourth round, I'm de actor. Yes, behold my acting skill. My clue was "Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad badawi is married again". So, i acted out the secret code for PM, point out no5, then make some wedding gestures, and we managed to get the full 2 points for this round, thanks to my good acting skill =) . Note that to get 2 points, it needs to be the same exact words that are given to you.

It seems like an obvious result oredi, but suddenly, out of nowhere, a malay lady told the MC we don't deserve to win, maybe because of the Tuanku and Tunku incident. So they requested for a bonus round, which carries a total of 4 points if guessed correctly, 1 point for partially correct and 0 know.

The opponents get the clue "Putra LRT", but they only guessed LRT, so they got 1 point. For the bonus round, anyone can go up, so my teammates asked me to go. So, i acted again. my clue was......."Bukit Ketam in Selangor"!!! How lucky can i be, getting 2 easy clues? I acted out an island, and imagine wat i acted for the crab part. The word Selangor come out along the way, so we get another additional 4 points. total score: 8-2, 6 points scored by me ;) .

So, now comes the hamper giving ceremony. I think there are enough words here,so pics only. My other friends din bother taking our pictures acting, only the award part.



And this is the part when the two winners took picture together.

The best actor from both side of the team.

Sorry for some the crappy photos, apparently not everyone have the same photography skill like me.
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Advertlets seems to be very generous in rewarding bloggers for their post. First, they offer some cash for those who wrote about them. Then, for those who had cashed out their earnings, they get to write a post about it too, and get rewarded for it. Now, they are even offering moneys to those who haven't cashed out their earnings.

I'm sure you've seen the green and blue logo thingy all around my blog. It's a money making website that gives you money......but that's not exactly true. It's actually an Asian blog/weblog advertising network that offers the remarkably sensible proposition of targeted, unintrusive advertising that benefits the online advertising and blogger community, as well as their readers. Don't believe me? That's what written on the "About" section of the website, so how can i be wrong?

So, like i was saying, i joined about 5 months ago, but only started doing the ads thingy about 2 months ago. Still not convinced that they really do give out cash for people like me who put the ads on my blog? check out these happy faces and......plushies and fingers and others in this pic:

Convinced now? For those who wanna join, just go to, put one of those ads on your blog, and just wait for opportunities to come. Of course, this depends on the amount of visitors on your blog too.

Can't wait till i get my cash out, but i haven think about what to do with it. Mummy and Daddy always say "Money must put in bank, save for future". Can be considered, but i probably have other plans.

So, off i go to think of plans for my first cashout.......

Note: Just in case you miss it, there's a post below this one, a double post.
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That's it. I cant take it anymore. I had enough of it. Why do people always have to send forwarded messages? Those messages which the title starts with "FWD:". So for today, i'm gonna make my post sounded like a secondary school essay, but of course, after you read it, you'll know that i'll probably get low marks for it.

Forwarding messages is one of the favourite past time for people nowadays. Why do i say so? Becoz it seems like quite a number of people like to send forwarded messages to their email contact lists. Some do it because it seems fun, some do it with intention to warn other, while some even do it because they have so much time goyang kaki at home that they check their emails 5 times a day.When you forward a mail, it's called forwarded message. When you forward it again, it will be call forwarded fowarded messages. When you forward it again, it will be called forwarded forwarded forwarded messages, and it goes on and on and God knows when it will end.

There are many types of forwarded messages. The most common one is what i would call "The Daydream Mail". The reason i called it in such a way because it seems too good to be true. An example of such mail will be like this:

Send this to 5 people, and a monkey will swing to your house, drop a little frog onto your lap, and when you kiss it, it will turn into a charming prince/princess, which will not hesitate to go to bed with you every night.

As we can see from the message above, this type of message is most suitable for those that have bad luck in their life, and wanted to at least have a smell of some good luck. So, they send this type of mail, while thinking "no harm trying" and fingers crossed, maybe a prince/princess will arrive at their front door.

Another type of forwarded messages is "The Whew-I-Managed-To-Send-It-In-Time" type. This type of forwarded messages often play around with people's feeling, whether to make them insecure or scared enough to actually send the message. This type of message sounds like this:

Hi. I'm a ghost. I died because i picked my teeth with a toothpick, but i poke my gum instead. So, i bled to death. If you do not forward this message to 5 people in the next 3 second, i will appear under your bed tonight and poke your gum till u bleed to death too.

PS: for those who sleep on the upper deck of a double decker bed, i may appear next to you, so make some space for me, will you?

Apparently, computer technology had reached the ghost world, and with the help of some dead computer nerds, they managed to send out messages to people who are afraid of dying in a horrible way like gum-bleeding to death.

Another famous kind of forwarded messages is "The Popularity" ones. This type of forwarded messages tends to play around with people's feeling of being wanted or being popular. An example would be like this:

Send this to all your friends, and ask them to send it to their friends, including you. If you receive back 5 messages from friends, YAY!!! You're lovable!!! If not,'re just plain fugly.

So of course, people wanted to know how much they are being loved, so they will desperately send this message to virtually everyone that is connected to their life. There are even cases when those who receive less than expected, tried to jump down from the top of the building, and hopefully more will turn up to catch that person falling down.

Forwarding messages have it's own pros and cons, but since i'm the one who is writing this, i don't think there is any pros at all, only cons. This is because although many of this forwarded messages is due to good intention, i believe towards the end, it will cause more harm than benefits to mankind. One of the effect of sending forwarded messages is that it will add up to the pile of junk in one's email inbox. This can cause a headache for some people, probably because they will have to clear all these junks sooner or later. Besides that, these forwarded messages will take up space which can be used to receive other useful mails. For example, an anonymous user only have enough space for 1 more mail. If someone send forwarded messages to him, all the slots will be used up and more important mail won't be able to reach him.

Besides that, forwarded messages can be used by some parties to gather email address. This is because when you send a message, the email address of the recipient will be shown. When you forward it over and over again, the email addresses will pile up in one single mail, which looks like this:

This is only the recipient from the latest sender. There are tonnes of them all the way down the mail.

For example, a forwarded message was sent to 20 people in a particular contact list. Each of the 20 people send to another 20, that will be 400. Each of the 400 send to another 20 people, that will be 8000. Each of the 8000 send to 20 people, that will be........a lot!!! I'm good enough to censor all the email address, so that Da Club will not face any lawsuit for providing email addresses to people with bad intention. But for those who saw their name on top, be very afraid, because if i were to turn bad and try to send viruses or adwares to people, you know where i can get my email supply from. I don't know whether this situation really happen or not, but THIS is something that can happen to you if you are unlucky.

Besides that, forwarded messages can also cause embarrassment to certain people. For example, lately i've been receiving a forwarded message that ask us to be careful with this one particular guy because he is a playboy. But does it ever come to you that actually that fellow is being framed by someone? Because i doubt a playboy would take a pic of himself tucked nicely in bed, with the cute blanket covering him. Of course we don't know the truth, so why do we need to send this warning when we ourselves do not know for certain he is indeed a bad guy? So the best thing to do is don't interfere with this kind of thing.

How to counter forwarded messages? one of the simplest action would be the "Delete" button on your keyboard. If everybody does that, i think there will be no forwarded message problems anymore. Of course, i doubt everyone will be smart enough to actually stop continuing the forwarding process.

If you still insist on sending a forwarded message, copy the main article without the bla bla bla email addresses, and try to send it 1 by 1, to avoid a situation like the above picture. If you care for your families and friends (that's one of the reason to send forwarded messages, right?) , you will not be so lazy to send it one by one. If you are lazy, might as well don't bother with the message. And don't send nonsense forwarded messages to people. be certain of the things you are sending before delivering them, or else you might get your friends and families into much more trouble, instead of warning them.

As a conclusion, although my essay here may sound like i'm trying to stop a worldwide crisis, actually it's just something i wrote because i got really annoyed by the amount of forwarded messages i receive lately. So i really hope that for those who always send forwarded messages, please think twice or thrice because doing so not only annoys me, but also cause potential problems to others.

So, how's my essay? Got pics and links summore. So, give me ur marks, if you were to be my english teacher.

Note: I used the word "forward" or it's derivative 37 times, including the one on this line and the one on the title.
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Remember my post back in getting a room in Singapore? Well, now Da Club is going to promote yet another web hotel reservation, but this time it applies to hotels all around the world.

Hotel Reservations is a site which helps people to search for hotels when they wanted to go for their vacation. Basically what this site does is to match people with hotels located at the place they intended to visit. offers more than 70,000 properties worldwide- which includes big cities like London, Paris, Sydney, L.A. and many more (can't put them all in, u need to visit their site to find out more).

It's pretty simple to use this website. First, just go to search, enter your country of destination, the town, the date and time of checking in and viola, a long list of hotels for you to choose from. You can even arrange the list according to Best Value, Price or Quality, whichever you prefer.

Now, the important question - "How much will it cost me?” Of course, the pricing is different depending on the location and the quality of the hotels. Nevertheless, the pricing that is provided by this website is pretty good, compared to other hotel reservation websites. also provides discounts and offers that make dealing with them even better. Right now, the website is offering 70% discount off their pricing!!

Besides hotel reservations, this website also helps with vacation rentals, vacation packages, and car rental and even helps you to arrange your flight.

For those who are planning to go on a vacation don't hesitate to visit this website. Provided you have enough cash in your bank account, the rest of the procedures will be settled by So what are you waiting for?
Make your vacation easier with the help of

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I was looking at my Nuffnang ads account's analytical data, when i noticed this:

It seems that there are also visitors than other countries other than Malaysia. Ok, although i know who viewed it according to the countries, it still means that my blog is viewed from all over the countries. From a neighbouring countries like Singapore to a country half the world away, The USA, it shows that my blog had been accessed from different parts of the world.

It will not make sense if I do not thank my readers for their non-stop checking in, do i?So, i decided to dedicate my gratitude in a very cute way. Yes, for the first time in this blog's history, I am going to act cute while thanking you all. Click HERE to see my cuteness.

Cute right?
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Don't you just hate it when a good song was ruined by the lousy speaker of your laptop? or your ordinary desktop speaker? Well, i do. I hate it so much that i spend days using my earphone to hear songs on my phone.

Now my ordeal is over. I can enjoy quality music without having to hurt my ears in the long run. Presenting Altec Lansing ATP3.

Hehehe....can't wait to open it, makes me sound like a little boy on Christmas morning...So without further a do, I strip it!!

Introducing the naked Altec Lansing ATP3!!! Yup, enjoy looking at it naked, since I'm de only one who can actually touch it's sleek, delicate and smooth body...^^

Performance? If you ask me all those technical stuff, i might not be able to explain it, and probably some of you also wont understand. What i can say is after you tried it, you would just feel like ripping the speaker out of your laptop. Also, the bass is so good, my door is trembling and i thought someone is knocking on it. Wanna know how it reli sounds like? There are no words to describe it, you'll have to come to my house to experience it.

Ok, if you reli wanna know, you can visit the review HERE.

Also, don't forget the other thing that i bought, SanDisk Memory Stick PRO Duo 1GB!

Ok, this is not so magnificent, especially 4GB ones are out there oredi, but compared to my previous 256MB, it's definitely a good upgrade. The reason i change it is because i found out that with the 256MB card, i can only put in like 4-5 albums before it's almost full.

So, what do you get when you combine both good audio system with a phone loaded with tonnes of songs?

A mini Hi-Fi!

Altec Lansing ATP3 = RM165
SanDisk Memory Stick PRO Duo = RM88
Don't have to listen to crappy laptop speaker anymore = PRICELESS

There are some things money can't buy, for everything else, err.....i guess i have to sacrifice a bit from my account...