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The Mr. Brown Show is a Singaporean podcast that they said is to talk about "lively, satirical audio skits and occasional interviews with guests, as well as original songs".

Here's 5 for you to listen, but if you want more, can go to
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Firstly, you're not seeing double. And i did not as anyone to impersonate me. And i know my hair is very long.

So, i was playing with the webcam, when i decided to do sumthing fun. Yup. Do answers the questions below:

1. Between the left and right, which is the one u'll see me as and which is the mirror image?

2. Between those 2, which looks better?

3. Between those 2, which looks more evil?

3 questions for u to ponder about me. Who knows, maybe if i have a twin brother and he split his hair the other way....

Oh yea, remember i posted about my result for the first semester? Apparently, there are changes made. Everyone is weird and feel skeptical about the low result for English, so we sent an email to our ex-lecturer about the low marks. She said she'll look at our papers again, and today, the new result finally came out. This is what i get:

Ah, this looks least all A's. And English should got A in the first place. So now my GPA went up till 3.85 out of 4. Don't believe? Here's how u do it:

GPA = (Total Quality Points x Credit Hours) ÷ (Total Credit Hours)

For Quality Points, A = 4.00, A- = 3.67, B+ = 3.33 and so on. For the Credit Hours, All have 4 credit hours, except Critical Thinking which have 2.

So from the picture above, i'm sure u can figure out which quality points did each of my subjects get.

GPA = ( 4 x 3.67 + 4 x 4 + 2 x 4 + 4 x 4 + 4 x 3.67) ÷ (4+4+2+4+4)
= 69.36
÷ 18
= 3.8533333333.......

I guess my result is not bad after all...

Oh yea, i was tagged by here goes:

4 jobs I have had in my life

1. A man. A man's duty is to.....nvm.

2. A human. A human's duty is to....almost the same as a man

3. A student. A student's duty is to fool around until he learns the lesson of life.


4 places I have lived in
1. Bintulu, Malaysia

2. Klang, Selangor

3. Earth, Solar System

4. My room, My home

4 countries I have been to on vacation

1. Singapore

2. Canada

3. Qatar

4. Malaysia (Cuti-Cuti Malaysia ma...)

4 of my favourite food
1. Egg

2. Potatoes

3. Anything else made of egg

4. Anything else made of potatoes

4 places I would rather be right now
1. London - For some unavoidable reason

2. manchester - Can watch MU play

3. Bintulu, Malaysia - to go back and terrorize SMK Bintulu

4. In my bed - ZZZZZZZZZZZ

4 friends I am going to tag
1. You

2. And you

3. And you

4. And the other you

Ok, that's all...
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Things you might have missed:
1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is out in the market on 21st July 2007.
2. Carrefour and Tesco Malaysia sold it at RM69.90, despite the retail price of RM109.90
3. MPH, Times, Popular and Harris Bookstores decided to boycott selling the book because of Carrefour and Tesco's “loss leaders” (items sold at a loss in order to attract customers)tactics, although they are now selling the book at discount prices.
4. I'm a Harry Potter fan.
5. The bookshop at my college is selling the book for RM75.
6. You guess.

If you're smart enough, u should have guessed it correctly. Now I own a copy of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows.

RM75. although it's more expensive than the RM69.90, i still think i have the best deal in Malaysia. Firstly, all the books from Carrefour and Tesco are sold out. If i buy now, i can only get the RM109.90 with a 20% discount, which means the cheapest now on store would be RM87.92.

Secondly, the bus fare to go down to KL would have cost me more than the extra RM5 the bookstore charged. And considering the RM75, it's almost the same price if i buy it at London, means i dun have to pay for the sending costs and stuff.

The only time u can see a lot of bookworm Malaysians is when a new Harry Potter book is released.

Going to read now.....
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The title said it all. I'm feeling my emotions slowly dying. If i were to take an EQ test, i would have thrown my laptop away even before i finished it.

It's dark. I can feel it surround me. A feeling i'm familiar with.

Will i be an emotionless zombie? or worse?

That's it for now...retreating back to my cocoon of despair.
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After 2 weeks of leisure and lazying around, I had no choice but to return to my crappy room in Klang. Arrived in KLIA at around 12, and used a taxi to go back to Klang because i'm probably too tired to use the long but cheaper journey back home. Realized that the internet cant be used, slept for 2 hours in the evening. woke up and ate my Dunkin' Donuts from Qatar as dinner, and found out that the line is back again.

Then around 11.30, the line is down again, dunno wat's wrong with it. So read the novel i brought back, and after a few pages, decided to go to sleep.

This morning wake up for breakfast, then went to college to start my new semester. 3 new students joined us, 2 guys and a girl. Biology 101 with Dr. Shakuntala, Then Chemistry 102 with Miss Chong Mee Yoke.

During the 1 hour break, went to check exam results with the old gang at the school's computer lab. Actually i checked mine at Qatar, and this is my result:

It's better than expected, because i only expected B+ for Physics and B for Chemistry. As for the English course, only 1 person gets better result than me, and that's only A-.

After all my friends checked their results, i had quite a shock. only 1 person gets a better GPA than me, he got 0.08 higher than my 3.7o. Shocking thing is that about 3 or 4 others who are better than me only managed to get between 3.5 to 3.6 . 1 girl gets 3.7 too, but mine is 3.7044, while hers is 3.7033. Technically, i'm better.

After that, Maths class with Mr. Lim Lai Hooy, then English with Mr. Geoffrey ( had to get used to his British accent at first).

Then went back home, the internet still cant be used. But, miraculously, the free wireless service provided by the shop downstairs, for the first time ever, can reach my room! Free WiFi!!!

So here i was, enjoying internet access even without having to buy a cup of plain water, but maybe wont get it anymore after they close the shop. Hopefully i still can get it tumoro when they reopen the shop. If i don't get the signal, please dun be surprise if the newspaper one day screamed "Teenage Dies of Internet Deficiency"
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After spending days starring at my laptops watching movies, dramas and animes, finally i get a chance to explore Doha. A lady picked us up at 8.30am, it's the tour guide thingy Shell is arranging for newcomers. The weather is sunny, quite windy, temperature about 42 oC.

Yup, 42 oC. Not 32, but 42.

Our first destination is the old market of Doha, where the shop there is like....old. Along the way, i saw something quite interesting. U know that part of Transformers is filmed in Qatar right? Well, u'll know after reading this.

Anyway, just to confirm with you about the validity of the movie...

Look!! Autobots!!

Anyway, the journey there is pretty boring, as all u can see is normal Arabian buildings.

A normal building.

This is not the beach, it's the round-about.

Arrived at the old shops, i noticed that the shops there IS old.

Then in one of the shops that sells hunting equipments, they are rearing fowls used in hunting in the dessert. The birds are now in air conditioning shops looking at ppl looking at them because the weather now is too hot.

Should i be happy because it looked at me, or should i avoid going to the dessert in the near future?

After that, the lady drove us to the sport shop so i can get myself a basketball, then went to the wholesale and markets. No big difference with those in Malaysia, except the ppl who sell stuffs are now wearing Thawbs.

Oh wow, for a sight seeing experience, i reli take too little pictures and wrote too little words. I guess i dun have the mood to do anything fun....oh well.
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Very sorry because i can't post yesterday, my stomach is not feeling good, my hand hurts from carrying my bag, and i haven slept on a comfy bed for more than 26 hours. But today, i feel totally fresh and blogable!

So, as promise, i'll blog about yesterday. I'll start from friday night. I slept at 9pm, hoping to wake up at 3am, but the plan did not work so well. i woke up at 11pm instead. So, i stayed awake, finish my packing until around 6.45, where and i went down, and the taxi had just arrived.

Arrived at the airport at 7.40, paid Mr. Teo RM65, head in....and don't know where to go. I searched around, not knowing where Qatar Airways' check in counter is. I walk around, until i saw someone laid the carpet which indicates check in counter for business nad first class pessengers. on the carpet is the Oryx logo, so i ask the attendant there and he told me it's the Qatar Airways' check in counter.

After checking in, i went over to the immigration station. For Malaysian passport holders, we just have to put our passport in the slot, scan our fingerprints, and done. As easy as 123. I use the train to move from the main terminal to the international station, and headed my way to departure hall C13. Upon arriving, i realised that we can't go in yet until 10.25, so i wait outside and posted the KLIA post.

When going into the departure hall, the scanner guy saw sumthing and wanted me to open the bag. Uh Oh. i hope it's not the Har Mee.

Scanner guy: Apa di dalam beg? Tengah punya. ( what's in the middle of the bag?)
Me: Slipar la.. ( just slippers)
Scanner guy: Oh, slipar.. (oh, slippers...)

At 11.15, i boarded the plane to Doha. In that 7 hours, all i did was eat, sleep, watch an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond and look at the acts of 2 very cute European (1 English, 1 Spanish babies i've ever seen. I made a clicking sound when the Spanish one looked at me and guess wat? She laughed!!! Babies like me!!!

Then, arrived at Doha International Airport. When the air stewardess announced the weather is 38 degree Celcius, i was like "Whoa, how to survive?"

Went into the terminal, the guard wanted to check my bag again. Saw a few packets of Har Mee then start packing everything back. after finished, i looked at him and he just smiled at me.........
So i walk outside,where my parents are waiting for me.

went back, did some shopping for dinner, eat, then sleep.

Sorry for the lousy ending...i just dun feel like typing so much towards the end of the post.

Oh yea, remember Yi Jian Lian? he was picked no.6 by Milwaukee Bucks. Congratz.