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Football. Sport to some, religion to others. But no matter how people see it, Football is still the greatest game in the whole wide world, even though Hot Dog Eating Competition is catching up.

It is said that football originated from China, created by Buddhist monks. But after the English came and tried to declare football as it's own, they decided to settle it with a football match. It ended with a victory for the England side, and since then, England is known as the father of football.

Many of us think that football is a game for 20 idiots running around, chasing a ball, and another 2 more idiot person standing clueless, hitting the ball away from their goals as if their cars are parked there.


Football is more than that. There are many ways to see football. I'll list them down:

1. Football is for gays.

Many people speculated that football is only for gays. It's a well known fact that football is only played mainly by men. Some pictures might even suggested so:


2. Football is for people who wanted to get hurt.

Well, no doubt accidents do happen in sport. But recent pictures released showed that football may be the way to cause injuries purposely:


3. Football is religion

Football is so popular, people are making it as a religion. Here's the proof:

But no matter what other people say, i still think football rocks!!!

(Actually i felt lazy, and wanted to continue my drama, so end it juz like this...hehe...)
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This Post is dedicated specially to Sherp and her family.

Since Chinese New Year is just a couple of blocks away, my mum asked me to send you people over there some old Chinese New Year songs to get the mood kicking in London.

Chun Fong Wuen Sang Wo De Lian

Ying Chun Hwa

Chun Zhi Chen

Da Luo Da Gu

He Jia Huan

Gou Yi Ge Da Fei Nian

Da Di Hui Chun

Bai Nian

Chun Tien Xi Wo Men De

Gong Xi Da Jia Xing Nian Hao

Gong Xi Da Jia Jing Nian Hao

Xing Nian Ge Er Da Jia Zhang

Chu Xing Nien

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Gong Xi Gong Xi

Some songs may be a bit.....spoiled , since it's old disc...and don't bother about weird pin yin spelling. I asked my aunt to do it, and i already have hard time correcting some of them...Oh, and another thing, this song is in a low bit rate, to keep the size small. Feel free to increase the quality using Xilisoft Video Converter. Enjoy!!!
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I have such a good software, i cant help not sharing it here. It's called Xilisoft Video Converter. The function? to change any media type ( mp3, wav, wma, mpeg, avi, wmv ) to any media type (mp3, wav, wma, mpeg, avi, wmv). Yup, you can even record your voice using your video recorder or digital camera, and change the type of video (mov) to mp3, to be set as your phone's ringtone.

From the dropdown menu shown above, you can choose what type of media you wanted to convert your songs or movies into.

You can also actually change your bit rate for your mp3 songs.

Choose low bit rate for small sized song files (for handphones with small memory), while increase the bit rate for better quality songs. But remember, the higher the quality, the bigger the file size.

Some might be thinking on how to get this great product. Search no more, coz Da Club offers it !!! Even better, for FREE!!!

Xilisoft Video Converter

Oh, this is actually a trial version, and allows you to change files with 5 minutes of playing time only. But since the owner of Da Club is so good, he don't just provide free software, he gives free serials too!!!

Name: www.serials.ws

Just copy and paste into the box that popped out when you tried to encode your songs.

Feel free to try around with a song or movie file, coz there might be some other hidden thing that i did not discover.
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Yummy...or yuck???
Tuesday, January 23, 2007, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 9:47 pm


Come on...don't you see the posted date?
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At last, i've finished renovating Da Club...Making it look darker...what do you think about it? I've also decided to change my fonts and colour to suit the layout better. Enjoy!
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While driving around the town, my aunt (not real aunt, called her that) decided to buy 4D Toto. If you dunno what it is, it's lottery ticket, with 4 digit number as the bet. She asked me to buy, since i never bought before. Who knows, I'm lucky, or they called it First Time Luck.

Before that, my mum saw an accident when sending my little sister to school. As considerate people, we should be pitiful, right? But as we all know, we Chinese will note down the plat number of the cars involved in the accident and try to take advantage of it. The car's number is 9131. Plus i bought a new handphone number a couple of weeks ago, it's 01X- XXX 7210.

So, my aunt decided to buy 9131, 7210 and 2044( dunno what number though).

Later that night, which is tonight, i opened the website for checking my results, and the number appeared one by one...5914...7600...3072....5453...

WHAT???!!!! 3072???!!!!

I reli cant believe my eyes for a second. That number looks sooooooo familiar until my bro said "Eh, isn't that our car number?"

What the!!!

My car's plat number

And the number appeared in the website

I keep repeating that number for a few minutes, thinking of the money that could have been mine. Of so many numbers, nobody even think of betting on it. Sigh, just my luck. This is probably the closest i've come to winning something. Oh well....

PS: I think i'm getting addicted to this :P
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Since i'm feeling quite generous today, i'm gonna share with you the way to download FREE Japanese/Korean/Taiwanese/Chinese Dramas. Well...actually, i've just wrote the steps for my aunt, so it's basically copy and paste...hehe...OK, let's start...

You will have to use Internet Explorer to download dramas

Download Manager( skip this step if you already have one)
1. Go to http://www.getright.com/get.html
2. Click on the "download getright" link for new users
3. A download will appear and after finishing download, install it
note : This is an unregistered version, so it will always ask you to register(which cost money) , so dont click "buy now", "buy" or "enter code" but click "OK" instead...

Setting Up Account

1. Go to www.megaupload.com
2.Create a new account using the "Free Membership" link.

3. then, On the right side of the page, there are 4 small buttons inside a box. Click the 2nd one.

4. A new page will appear. Click on "download the megaupload toolbar"

5. After finishing downloading, Open the setup file and install.

The five step above enables you to download the files for free and shorter waiting time. Megaupload Toolbar will be installed.

Downloading Dramas:

1. Go to www.silentregrets.com.
2. On the left side of the screen, u can see japanese dramas, korean dramas, taiwanese dramas and chinese dramas.
3. I'll make an example here, let's say u wanted to download the Korean drama "My Love Patzzi"
4. Click on the link "completed kdramas" on the left side
5. You will be directed to a page with a number of dramas to choose from (more on other page, u can browse through the numbers at the bottom of the page)
6. My Love Patzzi is the first, so click the name, and you'll be directed to a page with all the episodes in it.
7. There are 10 episodes here, and lets say u wanted to download the first episode, so click on the first episode (My Love Patzzi 01) link.
8. Another page will open, asking you to enter the letters to avoid computerized downloading

9. Another page will appear, asking you to wait for 25 seconds

10. After 25 seconds, a link "click here to download" will appear
11. Right click it, and click "download with Getright"( or any other download manager, if you already have 1)
12. Wait until download finishes, then enjoy the episode!!!
13. To download another episode or other dramas, just repeat the step from "Downloading Dramas".

Ta Da!!! Now u can create your own Drama Library, or you can just simply burn them into CDs and sell them at the Pasar Malam for RM2 per CD....

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Before an image of the girl seeking me appeared in my mind, this entry is not to blog about the girls I'm interested in, but rather about the girls OTHER people are interested in...

Ok, let's start...the first type, is the one most ppl interested in...it's the Kawaii Cute Cute Baby Faced Innocent Girl.

This type, from the pic, u can see she's acting cute, perking her lips, closing one eye, and giving a PEACE sign, apparently her hand is sprouting out of her face.

According to my understanding, she's probably trying to imitate a cartoon character( from her facial expression), but i dunno whether it's


But seeing her "beaked" mouth, probably the later one...

The second type is the Goth or Emo type of girl, ranking second, preferred mostly by Malays and Bumis...

A total contrast to the Kawaiis, this type of girl always appear gloomy and sad, which those malays find very appealing...according to survey, their main source of make up comes from Avril Lavigne

and also one of the most endangered species of animals on the earth. That's right, it's none other than Mr. Panda!

More types will be coming, that's if i remembered to find more info.
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If a girlfriend will become wife, does that mean ex-girlfriend will be ex-wife?

Think about it...
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Since i have nothing to do now, might as well blog about my past time right now...playing FIFA 07...yup, the ultimate football game right now.....erm..maybe not ultimate, since there's still Pro Evolution Soccer and Winning Eleven series. Nevertheless, FIFA 07 is still an enjoyable game to play since nothing else to do at home. Easy control and great commentary makes the game nice, but the graphic should be better. Better than to read boring words, enjoy these pictures:

The game is on!!!

what the...

WHAT THE...!!!

Is it possible? a player named B. Fung playing and scoring 7 goals!!! Well, it's possible if i decided to play football in the next few years, but now, i'll juz have to create myself in the game and create havoc in football world!

The result: Brendan 7-0 Arsenal

Besides the fake me, there are also some real world class players, such as:

David Beckham


Cristiano Ronaldo

Wayne Rooney


Thierry Henry

Note: not to confuse you, the top one is from the game, the bottom one is the actual picture

So, footie fans out there, get a copy of your FIFA07 for USD$69.98 or you can just bring 3 empty cds to me and i'll burn it for you (approximately RM3.00)

For those who visited my blog, feel free to comment...anything...i mean juz anything...even a "...." is also permitted...seriously...do it....
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This is my first post in the year 2007, so i was thinking of making something special. Maybe I'll try a different way of blogging...

1st January 2007. Almost the whole world is celebrating outside. However, some people cant make it. Those who do not celebrate includes:


Anyway, for those who partied, the moments they all are waiting for is the countdown. 3, 2, 1..Happy New Year!!! Then they continued drinking and partying...

Some managed to stay up the whole night and take some nice photoes...

While some cant make it through the night...

For those who did not celebrate outside, what they did was:

Throughout the year 2006, many incidents have happened. One of them is the death of our beloved crocodile hunter, Steve 'Crikey' Irwin. He was struck by a stingray on his chest, causing the crocodile community to lose their King. I think I mentioned that before.

Probably the look he had on his face when he was stung.

Then there's also the death of our most beloved tyrant, Saddam ' Kill, Kill, Kill' Hussein. He was found guilty of the mass murder of 148 people in his region. So, he was hung.

Not to forget, the best day of my life until now is also in the year 2006.

2006 is a year full of laughters and cries. Let's hope 2007 will be a much better year.

Pictures are for blogging purposes only, not intending to voice any opinion. Thousands apologies if you find the pictures or descriptions disturbing.