Tuesday, May 29, 2007, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 7:56 pm
Last night, my hacking instincts came back to me...like when i did in Form 4, i planted a software that can hide itself in any file. When another computer opens the file, the software will stealthily installs itself. TADA, all your key logs and screenshots can be retrieved by me.

So, i went to look for that software again. Since it's 2 years ago, i totally forgot the name, so i tired to search in the net. After searching and testing some programs, all i get is keyloggers that saves the key log on my own computer, usually used by control freak parents or husband or wife trying to catch their spouses cheating.

Until i stumbled upon this file. WINK. the words that attracted my attention is "installs and hides itself in the system and starts to log every key typed by the user." so i downloaded it and give it a try. when i run the setup file, nothing happens.

Oh yeah...installs stealthily. then i restarted the laptop so that it can renew the registry system. Then the worst part came.

The next time i open my laptop, i cant use the Ctrl+Alt+Del button to enter the Task Manager anymore. and i noticed that all my root folders were shared!!

C drive, D drive, Windows folder, CD Drive, all shared. means that someone sharing the same network with me will be able to see all my stuffs. And i can't reverse it, since this program is stealth. Totally stealth. cant be detected by anything.

For that 1 hour, i keep on searching for ways to uninstall it. the only guide i found is from the creator of WINK himself, but only for Wink 1.0 and 1.2 . No 1.3, which is the one i've "installed".

Then, knowing no other solutions, i tried System Restore. while it's loading back previous settings, i was there praying.....

WHEW!!! luckily it fixes the problem, since everything installed after the system restore point will be deleted. I could have swore my balls shrunk half it's size.

The moral of this story is, don't try to wink.

No, actually it is don't try to mess with stuff that u're not familiar with, or else it will backfire. i wonder what will happen to ppl who does not even know what system restore or other basic computer recovery technique will do. from http://xeustech.blogspot.com, people are actually begging the creator for uninstallation guides.

NOTE: Do not click on any link in the WINK link, if you feel like exploring. In case you've installed the program, use System Restore. If that doesn't fix it, most probably you'll have to reformat your computer. Da Club will not be held responsible for corrupted computers or even worse....lost of important documents and saved passwords.
Wednesday, May 16, 2007, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 8:38 pm
First time celebrating Teacher's Day at SIT International College.

The cake we bought for RM28

The teachers, except for Ms. Ranee, who is our part time English teacher.

Although I don't give a damn about teacher's day except for the food and drinks before, I think teachers here are up to standard and shows professionalism when teaching. So, I'll compare the teachers here with the teachers from secondary 4 and 5:

Secondary school: Mr. Gani Egit
Short, always wanna act cool, and always have that clueless face when you ask him questions.

Foundation: Mr. Lim Khoon Siang
Always wears blue shirt, except for some occasional days when he wear a white shirt. Knows what he's teaching, teaches without much reference to books, even wrote definitions without refering to notes, derive formulas on the spot.

Secondary school: Mrs. Yong Yee Yong
Short also, but always wanna act scary and fierce. Teaching not too shabby, explain things well, but teaches according to her own mood.

Foundation: Ms. Chong Mee Yoke
Skinny, can't even be detected by the dancing machine at the arcade. Yes, she went to the arcade. Her hair is shorter than mine. Always happy, never see her not smiling. quite a good teacher, but 1 thing i don't like is that she never explains the experiment to us and ask us to write tons of stuff for the discussion part, like why the result is different from theory.

Secondary school: Mrs. Kuek Lee Lean
Ostrich-like from the way she talks and walks. Likes to throw rotan at people. A decent maths teacher, quite sporting too.

Foundation: Mr. Tharamraj Singh
One of the best maths teacher i've ever met. Teaches us to be lazy, when he said "when substituting numbers into x or y, don't have to simplify the equation. Don't look for trouble." Gives us questions from his mind, not from any books. Shares his experiences with us, like why can't take coconut water when stomach is empty and so on.

Secondary school: Nobody

Foundation: Mr. Daniel Ling
To be honest, he is nerdy. always give cold jokes, and we have to laugh unheartily. He's not the problem, but the subject is too boring. can't stand it, though i scored the highest for this subject in my class.

Secondary school: Mrs. Marilyn....Something. forget la...
Blur. Reli reli blur. i can even skip class for 20 minutes, tell her the toilet is full of people, and she's buying it. The last time i heard, she is trying to get a degree in English. My english standard > Her english standard.

Foundation: Ms. Ranee
Young. and dark. ALREADY have her Masters in teaching English. a very good english teacher, i have to admit, My english standard < Her english standard.

So from the comparison, lower education and higher education teachers differ a lot. sometimes, i even wonder how did secondary teachers manage to teach people with the limited knowledge. Hopefully future teachers of mine will be of better quality, at least they wont be looked down by students, like secondary teachers.

And suddenly i thought of primary and kindie teachers.....more like nannies to me...-.-"
Saturday, May 12, 2007, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 10:20 pm
For the first time, Da Club is hosting a magic show. This time, it's the invisible egg trick.

First, heat the egg with some candles so that all the soot from the smoke will stick to the egg's shell, until the whole egg is black in colour.

Then, dip the egg inside a cup of water.

The egg will turn transparent, letting you to see the yolk, although it is black in colour. if you see properly, you can see the black oval shape inside the transparent ball. That is the yolk, while the transparent thing is the albumen.

Why the egg turns transparent? I don't know. Da Club management is only responsible for showing the magic, not eplaining them.
Friday, May 04, 2007, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 7:26 am
it's like 2 weeks i din post anything!!! What have i done? what will happen to those who are dying to read some post? i feel so guilty...

that's why i woke up at 7 in the morning just to write this post.




Woke up early because my fren said wanna play futsal today, so have to go to college to wait for others at 8.00 a.m.

But i still can't get ready because those girls are still outside, chit-chatting when they're supposed to go to work.

Oh, while i'm at it, i might as well post about my weekend. Went back to Bintulu last saturday, and the first thing i did after reaching home is having a good, hot bath...oh, warm water running through my body....paradise...

Play basketball in the morning, play around in the afternoon, watch Spidey 3 on Labour Day and finish my assignment in the night.

Then I'm back here again.

Hhmm....those girls are still outside...cant even cook my noodle....

Not that i'm shy, but i don't want this to happen:

Girl 1: what are you cooking?
Me: just some noodles
Girl 2: can give us some?
Me: cannot. I need my breakfast
Girl 1: Can la...
Me: cannot...
Girl 1 & 2: Please...we can do ANYTHING for some noodles
Me: -.-"

If they still din leave sooner, i'll have to go down to the mamak stall downstairs to eat...