Saturday, June 14, 2008, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 6:27 pm
Ever since i came to Australia, i have to do my own cooking. First of all, there are no mamaks for me to dine. Secondly, Everything here is expensive. A normal 3-dish economy rice here costs $5, which is RM15.39, using the latest conversion rate. Crazy kah, food that i can get for RM5 the most in Malaysia costs 3 times more?? Last but not least, cooking time is also one of the few time we neighbours get to socialize. Taking each other's food, sabotage their cookings, critisize their final products...yea, socializing.

I still remember my first cooking here in Australia. It's our old fashion Maggi curry noodle. I just arrive here, of course nothing much to cook, also haven't really bought anything yet. Over time, learning new dish from each other, or simply just to try it without knowing how it taste like, i have cooked some dish that is not considered as a normal household food.

For example, i have learned how to cook Japanese Curry. If you do watch japanese anime or drama, u will know that sometimes they eat curry rice. Using those ready made japanese curry paste, all i need is chicken drumstick, big onions, potatoes and carrots. To make cooking faster, the chicken is half-cooked in a frying pan first, while the carrots and onions are stir fried too. Then add them together, add water, let it boil until the meat is cooked, then add the japanese curry paste. Different with Malaysian curry, Japanese curry is supposed to be thick. This is how it looks like:

Ok, it may not look that great, coz it is after all still in the pan. But comparing the taste, Japanese beat Malaysia in curry making, just like how they beat us in car production, making horror movies and hot chicks soccer.

Besides oriental food, i also can make western food. I made my own lamb chop for the first time. Back when i was still in Malaysia, i used to visit restaurants to eat a lamb chop, which may cost up to RM15. Now, i can make my own for a mere price of $1.50 per piece.

Surprisingly easy to prepare, all i have to do is to add a little bit of salt to the lamb chop before pan fry it, buy some chips from a nearby chicken restaurant, and steal a piece of brocoli from my friend's dish. If only i have salad, and ingredients to make mushroom sauce, this dish would be perfect!

Besides these dishes, i also start to make dishes like plum sauce chicken, black pepper chicken, wedges and mashed potatoes. It's just a matter of time before i start to try other dishes.

So dun worry about me having nothing to eat over here. In fact, I've been making food that i've never eaten before!
Thursday, June 12, 2008, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 10:21 pm
Ok ok, i know its been ages since i last post. But nothing interesting has happened so far. All i do is sit in my room doing stuff coz not much class left as exam approaches...

As an act of sincere apology, i will share a secret with you readers. This info is still categorized as Top Secret under NASA, but thanks to teh internetzzz, any information can also be dugged out.

Recently, scientists have found that there are water on Mars. Yup, that's right, water, H2O, aqua, sky juice, watever you wanna call it. Their hypothesis is that water molecules that have been in the atmosphere managed to escape the Earth's gravity was attracted to our neighbouring planet, Mars. This is also helped by global warming, with the water molecules getting more and more energies to escape the gravity as the solar energy intensifies due to lack of ozone.

Of course, you won't be able to find this news in the internet as easily as i do. It is top secret after all. But i'm no dimwit either. I press the "print screen" button to capture the picture that shows water on Mars, and have decided to share with you readers here. So if you wanna go on to see more and risking being in possesion of top secret material, click HERE.

Please click the link at your own risk. Da Club will not be held responsible for any consequences that may happen to you...and no, aliens don't exist just because there are water, due to a simple fact that alien does not need water.
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