Thursday, November 15, 2007, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 9:26 pm
I stumbled upon these videos of Kotaro Oshio playing his guitar using the fingerstyle. As you all know, guitar are strummed using a pick, right? You know, the triangle thingy. Well, Fingerstyle is playing the guitar without the pick, which can involves plucking, strumming, knocking on the guitar, smacking it or watever style you can think of. Here's how the pros do it:

Amazingly, when you play it this way, it sounds as if 2 or 3 of them playing guitar together. Usually i always misplace my pick, so sometimes i try out these techniques by myself, more like finding new tunes and ways of playing rather than following all those notes all ready for you to play. Anyway, Da Club is giving all you guys a treat-classical music to go with your beer drinking and dining.
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At 9:50 pm, Blogger lynnx01

Makes me feel like picking up the guitar again..


At 10:01 pm, Blogger Pyroboy1911

u playin guitar too? wow, we have more in common than i thought..haha..yea yea, should continue playing..haha


At 11:36 pm, Blogger Sherp

:( guitar. guitar guitar guitar....


At 3:00 am, Blogger lynnx01

Hehe. I am no pro. Altogether, I attempted 3 times to learn, only the most recent one was fruitful. But now karat again.


At 6:43 pm, Blogger Pyroboy1911

sherp: why :( then guitar so many times?

lynnx01: hehe, should continue with it, fun to play! :D


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