Monday, November 12, 2007, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 6:03 pm
Ah, finally ended my 2 weeks holiday. After only two weeks of holiday, now have to continue studying again. I'm still very unsatisfied with the amount of holidays for my foundation studies program. 2 week of holidays after each semester, which starts from mid March to end of February. That's 11 months of studying, minus 4 weeks for the total break of the three semester, 10 months of pure studying.

Another way to look at it. 15 week per semester, including the exam week. 3 semester would make it 45 weeks. in a year, there are 52 weeks. So, i studied a total amount of 86.5% of a whole year. Not only that, if counting from the start of the lecture till the very end, there ill be extra 4 weeks between them, making it 49 weeks. That would make it 91.8% of studying time in that period of time. Plus, my college is following the normal government holiday plan, meaning we only have holidays on public holidays. no extension, no college-declared holidays, nothing. Other universities or colleges have long semester breaks, plus occasional mid semester breaks, yet they still managed to end their pre-u courses the same time or faster than ours. Plus as far as i know, i'm the only one who will be studying during the year end. All of my friends are back in hometown. No wonder now i'm rushing like hell for my university application.

Anyway, my to do list in the next 3 semesters:
1. Apply to UniSA for Pharmacy program
2. Make payment once receive the offer letter
3. Apply for visa directly through the Australian Government
4. Have a medical check up
5. Book airplane ticket

Yea, all that have to be done by 25/2/2008. Based on the time limit (24 hours a day, not including non-working days), plus the efficiency of those who are dealing with this process (roughly around 30% of the maximum capability), please do the thinking by yourself. I do not want to think about it, just go on with it.

Please pray that i won't be squashed flat on the floor by this pressure. or you can buy me a pressure resistant suit for me.
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At 11:42 pm, Blogger Sherp

*gives pressure resistant suit*


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