Saturday, May 30, 2009, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 9:37 am
The straight line appears to turn into one with peaks and trophs, and the machine starts to make beeping sound at a constant rate. A few adjustments are made, then it's time. Time to lift the lever. Sparks flying, electricity running through the thick copper wire lying around the room. A monstrous figure rose up, and from within a room, a cackling laughter is heard and then an exclamation "IT IS ALIVE!!!"

Well, good news is i finally managed to log into my Blogger to write something. Bad news is, 4 weeks to my final exam, so expect the same state the blog is in now for the next 1 month or so. Honestly, nowadays i lost the will to blog. Even taking pics out of my camera and put watermarks on it seems so tedious to do. Not to mention studying whenever there's time, and when it's a bit free, i'll take that time to rest so i can concentrate on studying at other times. Blogging seems to be a task now, rather than a hobby i used to indulge in. Maybe it really is time to stop?

Anyway, i'll post something interesting when i rediscover the will to blog, as of now i am going to prepare for the football match against Bradford Lodge in 2 hours time. Wish me luck!