Saturday, October 03, 2009, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 2:08 pm
I was at my desk, catching up on Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis, slowly sipping a cup of coffee while listening to Natasha bedingfield's songs when suddenly my mind roamed away. One thought led to another and now here i am, writing on my blog.

Come to think of it, i was so active 2 years ago. Ideas would just come to me, activities properly planned and jotted down in this small blog of mine. From a simple project like buying a speaker to a big event like traveling all the way to Sunway Pyramid to meet the casts of Why Why Love, this blog would always be updated every 3 days or so. Visitors also increased to all time high, sometimes hitting 30 a day (not many to some but hey, good enough for me). It got so active to the point that i could easily earn money through my blog, more than 100 US Dollars for that few advert posts on my blog. I even won something from a blog writing competition (albeit consolation), a package that includes a series' OST CD, a bottle of beauty lotion (which i later sold for RM50), a polo shirt and some other small goodies.

I wonder what changed. Busy? Not really, since i still got the time to sleep 10 hours today and watched lots of series. Lack of activities? No way, i think i go out for more gatherings and hang out with friends more than when i was back in KL. Take this 2 weeks break for example, countless birthday dinners attended (and will attend as well), 2 paintball sessions, and lots more random dinners with mates.

I think it goes down to lack of passion. Guess i am not as passionate in writing as before. Used to snap pictures from my good ol' Sony Ericsson W700's 2MP camera wherever i go, thinking of pictures to put in my post. Not anymore, even when i have an Olympus u1040 10MP now at my disposal. Can't even be bothered to check how many people visited my blog, even deleted any advert opportunity from my inbox when the rare occasional offers come in.

Oh well, at least you guys get to dive into my mind this time round, and get to read what i'm thinking at this very moment.