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Since i still have about an hour before departure, might as well spend some time blogging. Arrived at the airport at around 7.40, should have ask the taxi to come at 7.30. Everything went smoothly, from the check in to the immigration. Luckily they did not suspect my 6 packs of Har Mee as explosives and tore open my bag.

I'll post more maybe later or tumoro, along with some pics, if any.
Thursday, June 28, 2007, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 5:47 pm
I was too bored last night, and i spotted all my report cards and certs and documents that my mum brought over to me. So i looked into them one by one, and had a great laugh at pictures and comments from teachers. First i look into the primary school report card.

Looked so ancient

What i saw on the first page gave me a mixture of shock, embarrassment and glee. I can't stop my self laughing at myself.

OK, stop it! It's not THAT funny!!

OMG!!! I can't believe my mum used that pic. This is a school's report card, not a cutest kid competition entry form. Grinning so widely, with a gun some more. I looked like a terrorist who had just killed a hostage and said "YOU'RE NEXT!"

Anyway, after the 6 years of primary education, every students must sit for the UPSR exam. And, i got a cert too.

TADA!!! Straight A's!!! YEA!!! That's for posting a cute pic for the teachers too see have a good laugh, that's why they gave me good marks ( I doubt that).

After UPSR, most student will continue their studies up until PMR level, although there are some who leave the country halfway through lower secondary. :P

So, i looked at my lower secondary report card.

Well, at least i din bring a gun to secondary school, and I don't grin at teachers anymore. But i still look nerdy.

Since it's too small to see, i'll juz talk briefly about what's inside, and probably some comments. The first page is basically all my personal details. The second page is my results in the three years time. lazy to list them all, so i'll juz post my rankings in the class. No12, 11 and 20 respectively for Form 1, 2, and 3. The third page is about my attitude in class. Mostly Bs and Cs. The fourth page is my ambition, bla bla bla. The first year, i put Doctor, Architect and Lawyer. The third year, still Doctor, Architect and Lawyer. Too lazy to change so much i guess.

So, after the end of Form 3, it's time for PMR. I got a cert again.

WAHAHA!! Straight A's again!! not bad, not bad.

So, with the great accomplishment so far, i went on too Form 4 and 5. the report book looks like this:

Not bad looking. But when turned to page 1,

Wah!! No pic at all! or i'm invisible? sorry for the censored parts, too private and confidential ( for some).

Anyway, as for my results, for Form 4, i got 12, 17, 10 and 14 for the 4 big test of the year. And for Form 5, it's 18, 20, 14 and 10.

Then it's the SPM.

No more straight As!! Why? izzit because i dun provide jokes with my pic???
Anyway, i'm satisfied with my results, so it's ok...

There. 11 years worth of studying, compressed into a 2 minute blog post. Hope you enjoy it.
Tuesday, June 26, 2007, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 8:34 pm
Too boring today, so i Googled myself...LOL!!!

I tried Googling pyroboy1911, hoping for a result or two, but i was quite shocked when...5 whole pages of the REAL Pyroboy1911!! Means nobody have that nick anywhere on the Earth.

The Result

What more, Da Club is listed in No.5, which is astonishingly weird if you try to search for "welcome to Da Club", which only appeared in the 2nd page.

Then i tried Altavista, and when search for Da Club, it's the 1st search!

But of coz, Google is widely recognized, so it's better to be listed in Google...:P

Try it. Google yourself.
Monday, June 25, 2007, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 7:57 pm
I was wondering what to blog, while looking at Then i juz realized, why not blog about the upcoming Draft Pick? FYI, NBA's Draft Pick is where a group of players who registered to enter NBA will be drafted by NBA teams, depending on which team gets to select first, second etc. Normally, the lousy teams will get to pick first, because the NBA does not want a few teams to dominate the league for the whole century. Obviously, the first picker will be able to pick the best out of the group of rookies, so they have to scout each of them carefully to know their talents better.

According to everyone, this year's draft is one of the highly anticipated draft, compared to other drafts that produce big stars like the 1996 Draft, where players like Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and Allen Iverson appeared, and also the 2003 Draft, where LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Carmelo Anthony entered the NBA. i have to agree, 2006's Draft is....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Whoa?? Oh...sorry...anyway, this year's Draft pool have the looks of Greg Oden, Kevin Durant, Joachim Noah and lots more. They are champions in their high schools and colleges, so they probably will make an impact in the NBA. But one player that catches my eyes is Yi Jian Lian, a 19 year old Chinese basketball player. He is 2.13m tall, mind you.

He is regarded as the next Yao Ming, but i just think he can be better. He's tall, yet he can shoot, dribble and turn smoothly, which i think is an advantage over slower big guys. The only weakness i can see in him is his body size. Hope he don't get knocked away by bigger players, but i think he has the strength to handle it.

Here's a commercial he did for Nike, just to get away from all the stats and opinions on top.

He's the tallest guy in there, if you still didn't notice him.

Who will draft him? We'll know in a few days. But will he be good? That, we'll have to wait for a few years.
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Da Club is always finding was to improve it's service. Lately, Da Club found out that the true friend test is popular. So, to not lose to others, Da Club created it's true friend test, based on how well u know the successful, famous, unbeatable owner of Da Club, Pyroboy!!! It's located under the Translation panel, i'm sure you can't miss it.

So, what are you waiting for? You stand a chance to win a new mobile phone!!!

(Also available in Facebook.)
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OK, not weekend, just friday night and saturday morning. But hey, it's still relaxing!!

I'll start with Friday evening. Right after English class at around 6, i went from the bus stop in front of my college to Klang bus station, used Rapid KL to Sentral, walk a few minutes to the Monorail station, then use the monorail station to Bukit Bintang station. sounds short, right? I arrived at 8 p.m.

Meet my family there, who went down on Thursday morning. They waited for me to have dinner together, although i had McD on the bus, causing me to feel like vomiting when getting of the bus.

Then we went back to the hotel. ParkRoyal Hotel. My cousin used his weekly privilege from his company to book the hotel for us. How nice.

Once arrive, i take my nice, long warm water bath. So Nice.....Then, lied down on the bed and watch the box that i haven enjoyed for so long....the TV!!!

It's the Deluxe Room from ParkRoyal's site.

Our room is on the 10th floor.

LOOK!! Toy cars!!!

They even give us gifts.


Thank you for BEARING with us!!! Get it? BEARing!!???

The next day, Woke up at 10. Nice....Went to Low Yat Plaza to get a few things. The most important is the Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR). Remember the post on Crazy Saturday? Oh,'s the post before this one...Anyway, this AVR helps to keep the voltage from the power supply to be constant at 230V. It should protect my electronic stuffs from power surge and thunders. Even if it doesn't, i still get to know when the power is unstable. Bought it for RM54.

Then, When i walk around, i saw a poster on offers from All IT, the "supermarket" of computer stuffs. Told you Low Yat is heaven for computer geeks. Anyway, what i saw makes me go "WAH!!!"

They are selling 25 pieces of DVD-R for RM30!!! That's RM1.2 for each DVD. Since a DVD has 4.7 GB storage capacity, it only costs RM0.255 for every GB!!! That's not all, with every purchase of this DVD-R, they are giving a DVD-RW worth around RM5 for FREE!!! WEEEE!!!! I din even think twice before buying it.

Then before going back, i decided to buy a new USB Stick. a 2 GB stick for RM57. My old 1GB one was given to my bro.

Went back at around 3pm, arrive at Klang at around 5.30p.m. For such a short time, it is relaxing, especially the hotel part.. :D!!!
Sunday, June 03, 2007, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 8:51 pm
I had a long saturday. So long, that i can only blog about it today. my blog is not about things that happen yesterday, but in fact, is about the whole yesterday. Here goes:

I woke up hearing a loud buzz. i recognized it as the buzz produced by the fluorescent lamp outside, but have no idea what is happening. so i went back to sleep, only to be woken up by my alarm at around 8. The first thing i did was to switch on my laptop, of course. when i tried to sign in to my live messenger, i found out there is no wireless. So i went to look at the modem outside, and noticed that the power supply is unplugged. Weird.

Then Max came out of his room and told me that there is something wrong with the power and now the modem and his RM1000 speaker was busted. since nothing to do, we went out for breakfast. Just before we went out, the KELUAR sign on our entrance door also busted.

The busted KELUAR sign.

After breakfast, we noticed that things that need 240v of power are not working, but for 100+ ones is still working, so we assume that there is shortage of power. We also found out my laptop's adapter is working, so i continued using my laptop. An hour later, we heard a loud crack and smelled something burning. I noticed my laptop adapter's LED is not shining anymore. Uh Oh. Busted also.

The busted laptop adapter.

Life is starting to get miserable that time. With both of us out of internet access, Max worrying about his speaker, and my laptop have no more food supply, we decided we have to do something. So we went downstairs to check on some shops. Only then we realized the whole block is having the same problem. The owner of a comic store said the power gets high and low suddenly, and her handphone is busted because of that.

We decided to go to Klang Parade, to find modem and adapter for my laptop. Not much choice, we decided on drastic thing...go to Low Yat Plaza, heaven of Electronic stuffs in KL.

So off we went at around 3pm. We used the bus to Klang Bus Station, then use Rapid KL bus to KL Sentral, then walk across the road to go to the monorail station, and we used monorail to reach Imbi. When things couldn't get worse, it did. It started raining pigs and buffaloes. By the time we went Low Yat, we had just finished bathing.

We walk around, then went for lunch. More like dinner, because by then, it was almost 5. Then we bought everything we needed: a new modem, my laptop adapter and a power surge protector. Others extra include my 25 piece of 870MB CD-R, Max's 320GB hard drive, and my new WinTV USB2-stick. will talk about it in a while. Total cost for everything is RM970. I spend RM356 myself. The most amount of money I've spent in one day. By now, it's 7.30pm.

It's still raining, but the elephants and buffaloes turned into piglets and calf. we went to Imbi monorail station, use it to reach KL Sentral, Used Rapid KL to go back to Klang Bus Stop, and use a bus to go back to Klang Parade, walk some distance to reach home. It's already 10pm by then.

Good news is, the power is back, so we can try our stuff. Max installed the new modem, i made sure my adapter works, then i installed my WinTV.

Now, the WinTV part. WinTV. TV receiver stick. means that i can watch TV on my laptop now.yippee!!!

WinTV, with remote control!!!

My TV!!!

Hey, my TV is sticking out of my laptop!

Basically, this is a TV adapter, which enables you to receive and watch tv channels on your computer. All you have to do is install it, buy an antenna, connect them, and you can watch TV!!!...i think...until now, i still haven bought an antenna yet, so i dunno whether it's as simple as that or not. One thing that worries me though, is that when asked to scan for channels, there are no "MALAYSIA" listed. whether it scans the channel for that country, or scan any available channels, i have yet to find out.

Hopefully i'll blog and post picture about the TV from my laptop when i bought an antenna and did not have any problem scanning for channels.

After installing the USB stick, i stayed in Max's room to chit chat until around 3am. Went back to my room, played some games, and by the time i went to bed, it's 3.40am. My saturday is 19 hours 40 minutes long.

Wonder what's my mum's reaction when finding out about all the amount.


I bought an antenna on monday night, and tried it on my WinTV...IT WORKS!!!


Unfortunately, the reception in my room is not so good, so this is the best quality so far. Will experiment more with it!
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No, this blog is not about fowarded messages that claimed to be true love but in the end, threatened that ur true love will die with a hockey stick stuck in his/her abdomen while hanging down from a durian tree.

This post is about real true love. A real story that i never thought happened in real life before. this story started when Miss Ranee, our English teacher went to lunch with us at the mamak restaurant because we invited her to go.

so, off we went to the restaurant. we sat down, ordered our lunch then we started talking. All kinds of stuff. from future studies until discussions about jobs, one thing lead to another, and ended up me asking the teacher , " Teacher, how did u get to know about the english vacancy here(SIT)?"

She said that a fren of here who is a lecturer too, told her. and since her fiance is here, so she have no problem coming over to Klang.

then i ask her her how come it is she who had to come over to visit her fiance and not the other way round?

then she smiled and say, " It's because he cannot go over that's why i came. He's in coma."

i was like from :P to O.O ...


What happened to him?

According to her, they had an accident, and he was in coma ever since. Oh, the accident was 7 years ago.

My fren who was sitting next to me was so surprised that he keep on repeating "coma" and "seven" until he forgot to eat his lunch. As for me, my rate of food consumption decreased sharply.

How often do u come across someone like her? Before this, to me, she's juz a young teacher who laughs at our jokes and sometimes act along with our clown acts. Who knew that behind her cheerful look, there is something that changed her life completely.

That guy is in coma. can't talk. cant respond. his brain is like...dead. And yet, she's still waiting. 7 years. waiting without any sign whether he'll recover in the near future or not.

Now, whenever i looked at her, i can see the sad part that i never realized before. And i know she's not giving any up any hope she has now.

Somehow, it makes me realize that my waiting is nothing compared to hers....

Miss Ranee, i pray that your fiance will regain consciousness and both of you will be reunited once again..