Thursday, April 24, 2008, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 9:11 am
..super boring! Nothing to do, except stay in my room, watch movies and animes, listen to songs, do assignment, play games, sleep etc etc. Well, I did go to the Glenelg beach last Wednesday though.

But it's just a beach, where there are sands and waters and semi-nude people walking around. And like always, I'm taking pictures with the one person that i cannot survive in this world if she's not present. So important to me, cant stop thinking about her. In fact, she's part of me. I need her daily. She's with me every time. When I'm in my room, when i'm outside, even when i'm having my bath! tehehe...

Wanna know how she looks like? Here's the picture of her:

Ok, technically it's not her, and the thing i meant is water, not the sea. I just wanted to make suspense, maybe you'll start saying "wah, pyroboy so fast oredi buaya-ing around in Adelaide!"

Other than that, the holiday is boring. Nothing to do. I can change my IM nick to I'm Boringboy. It's so boring, my friend even started to watch babes working out in the sports shop like an angau.

Anyway, i start a new hobby. It's called eBay. Buying stuff from eBay is fun. click click click, and u're the owner of an item, while ur money will be lost sent through the internet for payment. I'm using my paypal money which i earn through blogging, so dun start another bukan bukan thinking of urs saying i'm using parents' money to buy useless things. Yes, you.

Among the things that i bought include this super huge man Utd flag that shows how much i support the team!

You know, those flags you always see in stadiums where supporters wave them around. It may not be that big, but this one is big enough to be my blanket.

Then, i also bought a Ryan Giggs ball, Man Utd's legend!!

This ball is not for kicking around, i'm gonna keep it on my shelf as a decorative item. I also bought a necklace with a cross pendant.

Cool eh? ^^

Oh, some random thing. I notice that i have weird selection in colours for my shoes and football boots.

Black, blue and red. Am i going for an audition for the role of a clown or something? Why can't i choose normal colour like white, or silver, or.....

...wait, is that a new boot i'm seeing?

Introducing, the Nike Mercurial Vapor III , well known for it's light weight and slick design. Good for speedy play, and used by players like Cristiano Ronaldo. Overall internet rating is 8.5/10 .

OK, that's all, now i'm going back to my boring routine. It's so boring, I'm starting to camwhore! OMG!!!!11111

Ok, chaoz!
Monday, April 14, 2008, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 9:38 pm
Ever since i came to Adelaide, i drink more than usual. I dun mean drink as in trying to get myself drunk all the time, i mean drink as joining friends more often and have good times.

For instance, last last week, the South Australian Pharmacy Students Association (SAPSA) organized a pub crawl. Pub crawl is like caroling, the only difference is u replace the house with pubs and songs with drinks and dances. Since it's organized by a pharmacy association, i hope all of you (especially you) assume it's safe to join.

So of i go joining some of my older friends from my lodge to the 2nd last pub (see, i dun go to ALL of them). By the time we reach there, it's full. Packed. Sardined.

So we all had fun that night, as most people in there are pharmacy students, but only a few are first years. I actually got high enough to go down the dance floor and dance until i got tired and sweating.

Then, last saturday night we had a gathering session in the common room of the lodge. Everyone pooled in some money and bought some drinks. We played poker, drink, play ping pong, drink, play "I Never", drink and that's about it. Some do get drunk though, and here are some possibilities that will happen if u get drunk:

a) sleep on the pool table, and someone put chair on top of you.

b) sleep on the pool table and someone's on top of you.

Don't worry, all i feel is a little bit drowsy after all my drinks. I won't go drunk, because if i do, the pictures for this post will look like this:

Tuesday, April 01, 2008, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 9:01 am
Guess what? I actually met him when he's having his vacation here! We had a little talk since he had so much time and i had such a long break before my next class. And when i told him i blogged too, he asked me whether he can read it! Woohoo!!

That's not all. In fact, he asked me to join one of his "shared" blogs with some other famous bloggers, where each of us take turns to write a post in the blog. And since i'm the new member, i have the privilege to write my introductory post. Read it HERE!!!

Hope you all enjoy it!!