Sunday, March 22, 2009, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 4:42 pm
the birth of Siew Mei Sim is today!

Ok, i can easily said SMS' 20th birthday, i just want to make it sounded more historical.

This teehee queen will always make lectures hard to concentrate in, especially the constant hehehe if you sit near her in lectures. When you turn to give her an annoyed look, she will look at you back with a "what? what did i do?" look. Then it will change to "mind your own business" look.

Well since today is Sunday and there's no lecture, you are allowed to teehee all you want with Bruce and Deuce. Too bad Truce won't be able to make it today.

Even though i dunno whether u are still my regular visitor or not, but since you blogged about my birthday once, I'll repay it with an exclusive though short slot in Da Club. A pint of beer on the house to everyone, wishing Sim Siew Mei a


Saturday, March 07, 2009, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 10:03 pm
During my holiday time back to home, i had the privilege of enjoying the business class section of the flight. Reason? the money provided by dad's company is sufficient, and if i don't use it, it will be gone by this year.

Besides the spacious seats, there's of course the food. Damn, looks like few of the best food in the world is actually in the sky! Take this satay during the MAS flight for example, one of the best i ever had.

Following meals include some rice cake with wine and also rice with chicken.

Business class passengers also enjoy the privilege of the Golden Club lounge in KLIA.

It's big with many seats and sockets around, ideal place to use your laptops. Free food and drinks included. I can even shower there to refresh myself! just ask the guy outside the toilet for towels and he would gladly hand you the shower pack.

Next would be my flight from KL to Doha, let's see what Qatar Airways can offer. Although not as luxurious, their food also have the class of it's own. I mean, how often can you enjoy caviar, a type of expensive fish egg you spread over bread to eat? My friend Arik told me that these black caviar is the most expensive amongst the caviars. Well, he is right: The caviar of the sturgeon is the most expensive. I did some research and found out that a normal sturgeon caviar costs USD30 per pound. that would make it to be around RM200+ for a little more of 1kg. GOSH!! And that's not even the most expensive! It looks weird, slimy and all but then it actually tasted pretty good, no fishy smell or yucky taste. tasted like salty tiny jelly spread.

Not only that, i get to eat ice cream on flight:

There's also wantan noodle for Qatar Airways' flight, but the picture i took was too blur. Basically it's the oriental noodle with wantan soup.

Then it's the returning flight from KL to Australia using MAS again. Again there are satay, as well as some cooler beverages. I ordered a glass of Bloody Mary:

Also served are otak-otak, and lamb shank.

Of course there are other meals, but those others aren't that nice or special compared to these few.

Hey, this is not meant to brag, but just to share about what a business class flight would look like. Indeed an amazing experience, hope i will be provided enough money this year for another turn end of this year. After all, i'll be returning once only :P