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Do you guys know what a mortgage is? Mortgage is a conveyance of an interest in property as security for the repayment of money borrowed. Usually mortgages are dealt through bans or other companies.

Mortgage Broker is a website which specializes in brokering mortgages for customers. One special thing about this website is that they have independent financial advisors on every call. This means they are not salesman.

If you visit the website, you can see all kinds of mortgages. To list a few, there are First Time Buyer, Re-mortgages, and commercial mortgages. There are also guides on mortgages. Therefore, even though you do not need a service in the near future, you can still visit this website to find out more about mortgages.
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Focusdep is another website from the creator of Cyberdunk and Talkdep. Basically, Focusdep is a website that shows...famous things. For example, popular pictures. In this website, there are lots of popular stuff to look at, like popular pictures, popular authors, popular quotes and much more. So, if you're bored at home or in the office, might as well drop by this website.

Quote of the day from Focusdep:

There is no room in the world, as you say, for second rate work.
-Gerald Finzi
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Due to weird timing for my flight, i had to go to the airport on Friday night. So, after packing up my things, put on some nice clothes and wear my red shoes, i started my journey.

I had to call a taxi, just because the big box filled with canned food and other stuff are too heavy.
I would have broken my finger if i tried to carry it all the way down to the bus stop. The taxi came at 8.30pm, and i was on my journey to the airport.

Upon reaching at 9.15, , i looked around for chair to seat. What can i do since the check in counter only open at 1am in the morning?

So waiting i was.

At 1am, the check in counter was opened, so i lined up to check in. One interesting thing that happened is that according to the check in woman, the flight is too full, so they are offering Malaysians a one night stay in some hotel, and follow the flight to Doha the next day. Now, if i had a lot of free time, i would have be more interested. Since i only have 2 weeks break and had to make full use of it, i had to decline.

So after checking in, i went down to immigration, went through the automated immigration scan for Malaysians, and went over to the train that transfers international passengers to the international terminal. I had to say, i had never seen such an empty airport before.

Soon, the train arrived and i make my way to the departure hall, only to found out that the gate opens at 3am, so i had to wait 1.5 hours outside the departure hall. When we were allowed to go in, we only waited for a little while until we boarded the plane.

The plane ride was very bumpy at first, making me unable to concentrate on my TV watching, so i went to sleep instead. when i woke up, it was OK, so i continued my TV watching. This is the first time i saw an economy plane having a small TV behind every chairs. I know there are, but before this flight, all the economy international flights only have big TVs in front or on top. So, i watched a couple of Friends, a couple of Simpsons, a korean drama called My Tutor Friend 2, and played Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on flight.

After a gruesome 7 hours of butt-flattening flight, the plane arrived smoothly in Doha, Qatar.

So here i am, writing this post. This sounds more like a KLIA walkthrough than a blog post. oh well...
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Bet nobody can guess this is what i wanna write when i asked you the question in the earlier post. In fact, i din expect it myself too. Anyway, say welcome to the new member of the family, Jayden Cheong!

My grandma's (not the person in the pic) first great-grandson, son of my grandma's first grandson. I wonder why was he carried like that? I guess it's probably a great achievement.

Or maybe this means his birth was celebrated by everyone?

Ah, it doesnt matter. Anyway, here's another kawaii pic of him.


Well, i don't blame you, Jayden. You haven't seen any japanese chicks yet, so you won't know the meaning of kawaii.

And the most kawaii of the kawaii pics...


Looks like baby JayD is happy being mentioned in uncle Pyro's blog.

Ok, logging off from KLIA.
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And i don't feel a darn bit happier than usual. Probably because when i don't have exam and no homework, it's the same as after an exam. In fact, i feel kinda weird not having to worry about anything. See what exam and education did to me???? Examoholic!!

Anyway, it's not time to do a blog marathon yet. I still have lots to do. First of all, i wanted to clear the junk....i mean notes...which i dun use anymore. That's the good thing about Foundation studies. The semesters are non-related, so each semester is a new thing, no need to remember back what you had studied in the past semesters. If only i can find a place to start a fireplace..

The next thing i hadda to is to keep my assignments, notes, etc in soft copy form into a folder. Then i will keep it in a corner, zip it, and wont open it anymore. After i finish my Foundation program, I will hold onto "Shift", press "Delete", and then hit "Enter".

Last but not least, i had to do some gaming. OK, i still game even during the exam week itself. But gaming with pressure and without pressure is different, you know. For example, playing game last night was added with reading notes halfway, so you cant concentrate on the game. But now, i can put in my 95% into gaming. the 5% is used to do other things such as breathe, hearbeat, cursing the goalie for saving my shot and so on.

Oh, did i say last but not least? Sorry, it's not the last actually. I also have to listen to music with full blast now. Why not, having to part with my 2 satellite speaker and the boombox in my room while going overseas and having to listen to crappy laptop speakers. So now i was like listening to Linkin Park and Chester was like "AAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!" and the boom box was like "BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM" and the guitar is like "ZRRRIIIING ZZZRRRIIING" and my door was like "rattle rattle rattle".

Oh well, time to get doing all those stuff. If not, I well ended up coming back from vacation being greeted by my old notes. You know the feeling, don't you? Anyway, can anyone guess what i will blog about next?
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Looking back at my posts, 6 out of 7 is ads. I guess too many opportunities coming in now, i have to post it, if not grabbed by others.

Anyway, to tell you the truth, my exam is tumoro, that's why i don't have the mood to post something long. Normal people will go "AAAHHH!! OMG!!" if they were to say their exam is tumoro. But for me, it's just another exam, do it properly and good result, flunk it and you'll get bad results. Why need to make it sounds more interesting than finding a pink dog,right?

Anyway, don't think i will blog much, until the Journey to Qatar V2 coming up next week. Only until then can i test my T-Mac 3 . No chance at all now.

Anyway, back to study...unless the computer tempted me, or the bed's calling is too hard to resist.

(Man, this post sounded so average-ish...)
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What do you know about loans? Basically, a loan means to borrow money, and will be paid back with some interest over a period of time. Well, some people do not like the idea of loan, because in the end, you ended paying more than the actual money you borrowed.

Actually, as long as you do not borrow from loan sharks, loan is perfectly safe and legal. Loan from banks and other companies have procedures to follow. For example, you can get a loan for your studying purpose, and when you finished studying and get a job, you can slowly pay back the loan.

One type of loan that may prove effective and affordable is a secured loan. These secured loans are available from a range of lenders, and are available to homeowners with a mortgage on their home. You can use secured loans for a wide range of purposes such as paying for your debts, buying new car or house, or funding a wedding and so on. Another type of loan is the unsecured loans. these type of loans are usually suitable for those who have decent credit to pay back the loan on a monthly basis.

Anyway, as long as you understand the system of a loan, it won't be a problem in the future in applying a loan without much trouble.

This is a sponsored post.
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I was looking around Advertlets just now, and i saw a post saying good news for Advertlets blogger. Wait a sec, i am an Advertlets blogger. so, i click on the link, and it brought me to a very colourful website.

The website is FACES,
Malaysia's most active lifestyle channel. They're all about the latest in trends, movies, music, fashion, clubbing, parties, good food, and lots more. Since i was asked to scroll down, so i did, and guess what, E-freebies for Advertlets blogger! What i am supposed to do is to blog about what i wanted from the list of freebies, and why i wanted it so much.

I take a look at the list of freebies, and what caught my attention the most is
Limited Edition Brothers Polo T-Shirt. Wow, a polo t-shirt! Why i wanted it? It is because Chinese New Year is coming. Well, actually it's around 4 months from now, but hey, 4 months is not long, right? So i was saying, Chinese New Year is apporaching, and when Chinese New Year is coming, people will start to buy new clothes. Mothers will bring their daughter to buy dresses, while father and son will go look for some manly attires. What does that have to do with the Limited Edition Brothers Polo T-Shirt? It is because i have nobody to bring me shopping for shirt!! :(

Ok, i'm not a small kid, and i don't really need someone to shop with me. The problem is, my parent is not with me right now. Yes, I am not living with them. Heck, they aren't even in Malaysia! They are living somewhere in Middle East, in a country called Qatar, due to dad's work. I don't expect them to fly over just to buy clothes for me, or send me some clothings from over there. I don't want to wear Arabic cloths on New Year! -.-"'

So, basically, I'm stuck with nobody to buy cloths with, nobody to give opinion, nobody to negotiate price for me, and nobody to pay for me...Anyway, this opportunity can't come at any better time for me! Imagine going to open houses with a brand new Brothers Polo T-shirt. Limited Edition some more! I think i will attract more attention than a newlywed during CNY!

So, if i get this prize, it saves me a lot of time. Then, i can concentrate on my studies. No need to worry about what i should wear for New Year. Plus, this also save me some money. I am living alone, and i have limited (not saying how much) cash in my bank account, so it could save me quite a lot for buying clothes. I haven't bought any clothes for the past 6 months, you know...

So, i really hope i can get the shirt and i have less one thing in my mind to worry about.
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Did you guys read the post about Cyberdunk below? well, this post is not about cyberdunk, but about! What's de connection? Talkdep is a forum for cyberdunk players and managers to interact with each other.

If you visit the forums, you can see that many users talk about their teams and their stats, not to mention all the bets they had won or lost (yes, there are bets. no real money though, don't worry). it's fun to compare teams and players stats.

besides that, there is also places for managers to find players for their team. too bad their requirements are 20 (value) and above, i just started, so my value is 17.2 ....

Not a cyberdunk user? no problem at all, there are also threads for you to discuss about stuff like movies, sports and other topics that are not related to cyberdunk at all.

So, do join and have fun interacting with the users there!
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2 nights ago, i stumbled into an online basketball game, Cyberdunk. it is a web based MMORPG where you have to get yourself a player in the game, train him, buy accesories and stuff for him, and watch him play and see his ranks rise among the many players.

It is a very interesting game, seeing your player's value increase, as he started to gain more and more points and stats, gaining more playing time and getting lotsa awards. your player will be assigned to a team, and will play in leagues and tournaments. the player's salary will be paid by the team, and that's where ur income come from.

That's not the only way to gain money. You can actually spend money( yes, real life $) to get the in game cash. For US$1, i can get $2500 in the game. In fact, i just spend US$1 on myself and sold another US$1 to my friend for RM3 (US dollar rate is 3.5, u know...) .

besides spending money, you can also blog to increase your income. they will pay you 100 cyberpoints (equivalent to $2500) for each article you write about them and their affiliates each month (that's what i'm doing now).

So, for those of you who are bored at home, or are interested in basketball, you can try out this website, it is simple yet fun. You can join the game by clicking here! (do click here, help me generate cyberpoints through the referal program..hehe).
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Always wanted to call home but it's too expensive? Wanted to hear the sound of your loved ones who is half a world away? Can't find any other cheap alternative to long distance calls?

You're all lucky to end up reading this blog, since there will be lots of great offers like this for you to get. Pingo is a web-based company that provides consumers and business customers prepaid calling service designed to deliver the best calling card experience, including quality, convenience, and customer service at the most competitive rates available today. With Pingo calling cards there are no additional charges - just a nominal monthly maintenance fee - what you see is what you pay!

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Pingo also come out with many wonderful plans. One of them is Pingo Business & Family Plan. you can go global, with no equipment to purchase. it is just easy billing and management with amazing bundled savings. Besides that, Pingo’s RateWatcher™ saves you from the hassle of digging through piles of prepaid calling card offers to see if you're getting really low phone card rate. From Pingo’s RateWatcher™, you can monitor all the rates with no trouble at all. Pingo Mobile allows you to save up to 90% on your international cell phone calls. Provided you have a mobile phone, you can save a lot on international calls. Pingo’s calling card affiliate program also pays $15 for each new customer you refer. So, the more you refer, the more money you make!

You can also visit the page Cheap Prepaid Phone Card or Cheapest Phone Card to find out more about these great offers!
So, wait no more, grab yourself one of these calling cards and call your dearest mummy/daddy/hubby/wifey today!

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For some weird reason, yesterday, i decided to go to's forum and browse around. While looking around, 1 special thread got my attention. In bright red, it reads:

Brand New Adidas T-Mac 3 (RED) All Star Edition and Giordano Jeans at Rm150!

So, i went in and look around, and was surprised that someone is actually selling a T-Mac basketball shoe for that low price, provided it is indeed original. According to the post, the shoe is original, brand new, and was never worn before. At first i was really interested in it, but unfortunately it is totally red in colour, it is not suitable to be used for casual wear. Imagine me walking around with a red shoe like the clowns in the circus. So, temporarily, i decided to forget about the shoe.

Then, i decided to clean my white shoe, since it appears more like a black shoe oredi. While wiping it, it came to my shoe sucks! The colour is fading, scratches here and there, and due to me moving my toes frequently, the skin of the shoe is so thin that if i continue doing so for the next few months, i will have a shoe with a hole in it. So, i went back to the thread and ask for the picture of the Adidas T-Mac 3.

Unfortunately, the thread starter (TS) did not want to post the pic, because according to him, he only owns a handphone camera, and the picture quality sucks. Hhmm, fishy...

anyway, we decided to send personal messages, and after a few replies, i think he is serious in selling it, and we decided to meet up at KL Sentral at 12 o'clock today to do Cash On Delivery (COD).

So, early in the morning around 10.30am (for me it's early, ok?), i begin my journey. Went to the ATM machine to withdraw RM150, then use the bus to Klang Bus Station, then use Rapid KL to go to Sentral. Although today is Hari Raya Aidilfitri (Selamat Hari Raya to Muslim readers, if any), the bus is more packed than usual. In fact, people had to stand in the Rapid KL bus, which usually was never full. Although traffic is quite heavy, i managed to arrive at Sentral right at 12pm. Went to McDonald, and waited there until 12.05, when a messaged from TS' brother, saying that TS will arrive around 12.30pm. Bugger, this is even fishier. First, someone selling an original and brand new shoe for a very low price. Then, he refused to post pic. Now, he is having excuses. Even the fish market can't get any fishier than this. So i waited there until 12.30pm.

half an hour later, i saw a chinese guy in a white coloured T-shirt carrying an Adidas paper bag walking towards McD, looking for someone. I walked over, and sure enough, he is TS, named Dryck. He studied at INTI Subang Jaya, and from his appearance, he looked good and trustworthy. So we get down to business. He showed me the shoe, and as described in the post, is original and brand new. The price tag is still intact, although the price was ripped off. According to him, the Adidas shop at Sentral itself closed not long ago, and he managed to buy this shoe at a very low price. When he tested the shoe, it seems to fit him, but when he tried it with socks on, it's too small. So, he decided to sell it. Before buying, i test wear the shoe, and amazingly, it fits my leg with socks perfectly! The shoe was meant for me!

Satisfied with it, i pay him the Rm150, hand shake, then go on our seperate way. As i bought a to way ticket, i waited for the Klang bus to arrive. Guess what, it only arrives 1 hour later, meaning it's oredi 1.45pm by the time i board the bus. The bus then turns here and there to stop at another station, wait there for like 15 minutes, before really going to Klang. To make things worse, it rained cows and pigs again.

As a result, the journey took 1 hour to reach Klang Bus Station. Then had to board the 80 cents bus to the bus stop opposite Klang Parade, and run all the way back home. I reached my place at 3.20pm. Imagine, going out at 10.30am and returned at 3.20pm, that's almost 5 hours, just to get a pair of shoes.

Anyway, time for some pics!

Ta Da!

Tag still intact, just like buying it from a store.

T-Mac logo.

Adidas logo.

As a conclusion, i am very happy to get an original product for such a low price. The price of these shoes can go up to Rm350+ in the market out there. So, the next time u saw a clown wearing a bright red shoe, look carefully again. It might just be me.
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It's probably weird for me to write this post, especially most houses in Malaysia do not have a garage. Anyway, for those who have garage and is planning to beautify it, u're lucky today! Da Club is happy to introduce Garage Organization to you all!

Garage Organization is a website that specializes in providing customers with high quality products that will make your garage looks better than the local disco centre. For example, if you intended to turn your garage into a working area, you might wanna consider some nice workbench or a few of those cool looking cabinets from the link above.

Or if you are more interested in keeping your sports car in the garage, all those flooring, tiles and coatings will definitely get your attention.

So, turn your garage into something decent which can be looked at, not a place where you chuck all your junks inside.

This is a sponsored post.
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Well, this is what we do when we get bored of drama practice...ENJOY!!

Oh, and by the way, this is my 100th post in Da Club, so...YIPPEE!!! wonder if i can reach 1000.....
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I was assigned to create a poster for our upcoming drama titled "The Banana". The only reason i was asked to do this is because apparently, i'm de only one among us who knows how to photoshop. Not only that, probably i'm de only one with a photoshop software.

So, i carried out my task. First, i took the pictures of the 3 main characters:

This dude as Spack Jarrow (parody of Jack Sparrow),

This macha as Dumbydore (parody of Dumbledore),

And this fat dude as Voldymort (parody of Voldemort).

So, i started my work. photoshopping their pics onto respective characters, this is them if they were to act in Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean:

The next thing i had to do is to find a background pic to make the poster. so i found this:

The poor skeleton was photoshopped by me and the poster turned into:

So, it's time to assemble the characters into the posters. with some other pictures and some letters for the title, finally, the promotional poster for The Banana is finally done!! For your reference, the original Pirates of the Caribbean posters have this layout:

This is what i managed to make:

So, whoever interested in this drama are invited to watch. Sorry to tell u that i wont play any role though.....