Friday, December 26, 2008, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 4:42 pm
I'm sure most of you must have watched Spongebob Squarepants, our friendly underwater sponge friend.

I've made a huge discovery here. Apparently, they dun live in the sea. They are on land, and i have just found them.

And if you look closely, you can actually see Spongebob taking a nap outside Patrick's house. He's there just outside the house.

What? you can't see it? Wait...let me zoom in for you and post the zoomed in picture of Spongebob..

Next thing i'm gonna do, i'll try to find a giant pineapple around...
Thursday, December 25, 2008, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 7:42 am
Just came back from church for the Christmas midnight mass, and i have to say this is one of the biggest mass i have ever attended! Due to traffic, we arrive at the church at 9.50pm for the 10pm mass, even though we left the house at 9pm! when we arrive, not only the main church is full, even the chairs outside are also all occupied! So we ended up standing outside in the cold winter night for the mass.

Mass ended at around 11.45pm, and then the nightmare began....massive traffic again! we only arrive home at past 1am, meaning we were in traffic for 1.5 hours, when the journey from the church to my house normally take 15 minutes. Sorry no pictures for everything, i forgot to bring out my phone as it was still charging when i left.

Just a short post this time, to wish all of you

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Recently i entered this site called CEIVA Digital Photo Frame got a wish, where i get to upload my pictures into a movie on that website!

CEIVA Digital Photo Frame basically provides you with photo frames that allows you to put digital pictures in it. It's like a photo frame, except that the image inside the frame is graphics. Honestly, this is the first time i heard of such things, but they are cool!

anyway, about the website, the video will start playing about Santa and his elf showing you pics on the digital frame, and then they will request you to insert your picture to put into the frame. So i did:

I just chose this pic because it's something legendary that happened to me :P

Not only that, Santa will check whether you are naughty or nice, so you have to insert your name, as well as what you want for Christmas. As i am an unselfish person, i put "World Peace".
Then Santa will look up your name in his book, and check whether you are naughty or nice.

So head over to the site, and have fun with it! You might get lucky, as one random entry per day will be drawn, and you will stand a chance to win $500!



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I know this is a long overdue post...but for the sake of people who wanna know, i'll show some pics of Qatar.

First thing's first, visited Souq on the first day of my arrival. This is where we met some duck-like creatures which i thought have been long extinct. Seems like their race seek refuge here.

the next day, we went to Sealine. As the name suggests, it is near the sea.

People are actually driving their 4WD up and down the sand dunes, something people used to do in the desert.

Oh, for your information, means of transports here are camels:

Ok, i was just kidding. Camel ride, 2-3 minutes long.

Other than that, nothing much to do...been hitting the gym almost everyday, hopefully that will do me some good.

Oh, and for those who are enjoying mamak back there, dun laugh at me!

Teh tarik and Murtabak have found its way to the Arab world!
Friday, December 12, 2008, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 1:50 pm
Some of you might know me as a sports person, especially with football and jerseys. Sometimes, i look around in the net for stuffs that i might be interested like jerseys, balls, football boots and more. Usually i will look around in a few online shops, and sometimes it gets pretty annoying when you visited so many sites, but can't find any of the items you want in any of the online shops.

This is where ShopWiki comes in handy. ShopWiki is basically a website that lists all the sporting items from all the other websites to make it easier for shoppers like me to find things i like without the hassle of going through too much online websites. This handy website compiles lots of sporting goods in accordance to types of sports, and apparels such as shirts, shorts, socks and much more.

Take me for example, if i wanted to look for jerseys, i would simply visit ShopWiki, make my way to the "soccer" section and then "jerseys", and a whole lot of jerseys are listed there, and i simply click on them!

ShopWiki not only specifies on sports, but on video games as well. You can look for all the latest games there without much hassle! So for those of you who likes online shopping as much as me, ShopWiki is a must have in your bookmark list!
Tuesday, December 09, 2008, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 11:42 pm
7th December will be the day i never forget. A simple planned gathering among us friends turned out to be a meeting with 2 football legends!

Anyway, some of you might know about my flight from Australia to Qatar, which i have arranged to have a 1 day transit so i can attend the Masters Football Malaysia Cup 2008. This is a tournament between the "Master's team", comprising of English league players who have retired and some of them considered legends to their respective teams.

Anyway, after visiting a local sports shop to look at some jerseys and getting the new Malaysian team shirt, i headed straight to Stadium Melawati, to get some tickets from a forumer, Keith. He's working for Digi so he managed to get us the RM38 tickets for only RM10. what a bargain!

So after meeting him, a few others arrived, and handed them the tickets, do some business (buying and selling jerseys) etc. That's when the surprise starts.

Apparently, Keith managed to grab a few VVIP tickets for us. Since the number available is very limited, this news is kept secret and only the forum admins know about it. But 1 of them cannot make it, so they decided to give it to me, since i was there already! I was surprised, yet excited as well as anticipating what i might get in the backstage.

After letting the organizers see our tickets, Aaron, Steven and I entered through a series of tunnels and stairs until we reached a room full of people. This must be where all the big guns of the organizers and the football masters mingled around...

I looked around, and that's when i saw him: Bryan Robson.

Captain Marvel is the longest serving captain of Manchester United, winning 2 Premier League titles and 3 F.A. Cups with Man Utd, playing a total of 345 games in 13 years and scoring 74 goals in the process. If this is not legend material, then what is?

When he saw me, he smiled, looked down ( i assume my shirt, nothing more below) and winked. Hhmm....

Anyway, i got a marker pen from Aaron, walked towards him, wait till he finished his conversation with a lady, then politely asked him for his signature. Normally, he probably wouldn't even give much of a damn if someone were to approach him on the street like that. But when i asked, he never hesitated and signed on the shirt i was wearing, which is the same as the one he used to wear during his last season with Man Utd. After that, i asked him for a picture.

Not to mention the cup that the players are playing for being displayed there. Not sure if i can touch it or not, but i took a picture none the less.

After the thingy at the backstage, we exited the venue and meet our other forum members discreetly. i even had to change shirt, or else they will ask question and the truth will be out. Feel bad, but what to do, if the rest found out, they might not be too happy about not being able to join due to limited tickets.

At 5pm, we watched the match. Unfortunately, the Man Utd masters team lost to Liverpool Masters' team, which is captained by Ian Rush.

The man who played for Liverpool for a total of 16 years in two seperate spells, playing a total of 469 games and scoring 229 goals, winning numerous awards as well. Although i'm not so keen on Liverpool, admiration is still there for someone so devoted to his club.

After the match, i caught a taxi to the airport, where i boarded the Qatar Airways flight to Doha, Qatar. In that flight, i cant help but noticing a man. Seems familiar. I turned back to look at him a few times, but i am not sure who i think he is.

After the flight, i entered the shuttle for the trip to the terminal from the plane. That man was seating in there, with an empty seat next to him. I sat down, and looked at his boarding pass. It reads "RUSH, IAN.......". That's all i can see, but that's enough for me. I asked him whether he is Ian Rush, and he confirmed it. We chat a while, about the Masters Football thingy, about him rushing back to Manchester, and he also asked me where am i from. I told him about my journey from Australia to Qatar and the transit just for the match, and he seemed impressed!

He is in transit, so we parted ways when I get down the bus to the immigration booths.

Meeting two legends that were so vital for 2 top teams in the English League, the 2 person that are part of the team that shaped the Man Utd and Liverpool that we all know so much about now, and also the 2 captains of the MU and Liverpool Masters team, that was definitely my lucky day! If only i met Ray Parlour, but i cant be too unsatisfied ;)
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2/12/2008- Only after 9 months here i visited Hahndorf, some sort of like a small tourist town here in Adelaide. Reason of visiting: Bored.

Walked around looking at some shops there, but nothing that attracts me to buy. Except for some Sugus-like candy.

After that we went to some German themed hotel to have lunch. Heard from a friend of Kenny that the pig knuckle there is nice, so we go for the dish.

Now you still wonder why Eurpoeans are so big in size? anyway, the pig knuckles tasted like bak kut teh, so nothing special about it.

After lunch, we decided to visit the strawberry farm. I bought a couple of honey jars from the store there, so i wouldnt have to "grab some honey from the business class lounge" anymore. nothing much to do here unless you want to handpick your own strawberries fresh from the yard (please, as if we were that enthusiastic). So we move on to the animal farm.

Entry is $10 and we figured out it isnt worth paying that to smell some goat dung while feeding them. So we decided to take what is available for free: some chickens on the outside and a couple of parrots.

These parrots can actually talk!

The second parrot can also talk, but its in a language i couldn't understand. Probably owned by a drunken master before.

After all that, we headed back to the city. Did some shopping for clothes before heading home. Nothing interesting happened after that day, until now...

Damn, i wish this weekend arrive sooner!