Sunday, November 30, 2008, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 7:20 pm
After a dramatic end of the examination, .......

OK, nothing dramatic happened. After the end of examination, we decided to have a BBQ. to celebrate the finishing of the exam. Thus named Post-Examination BBQ.

The event is supposed to be starting from 5pm. The few of us who bring the food over are too early. We reached around 4.50pm. the next group arrived at 5.20pm, and they are one of the earliest....

Anyways, we started by cleaning the hot plate.

Somehow, Jeremy's head appeared in front of my cam, causing the auto-macro mode to take in, and make this pic looks kinda weird but nice in its own way...

Before the rest of the group arrives, we were actually joined by some uninvited guest. meet Mrs. Goose.

When she saw us, she comes nearer and nearer. Once she is near enough, she starts making quacking or whatever sound made by a goose...or a duck. Whatever she is. Once she thinks that she does not get enough pity from us, she decided to show us her two hungry kids.

Too bad for her, BBQ = meat. So she left. She cant take it knowing who she is about to eat is Mrs. Clicketty-Cluck the Hen, her neighbour back in the farm.

After everyone is back and cleaned up, the few of us stayed overnight at Kenny's place. Playing Dota till late night.

And that's pretty much it, till now.

Oh another thing, i found out anoter cool thing about Mac. Not only is the Mac OS part of Macbook is cool, when it's in Windows mode, it can do pretty cool stuff too!

Rotating screen!!
Wednesday, November 26, 2008, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 11:09 am
I just realized that its been a while since i had a drink. Not the normal water-down-the-throat drink, the "drink" drink. Why, you ask? i guess i'm too busy to even enjoy it anymore. I'm not saying i enjoyed it all the time before, just that the last time i had it is the time we celebrated my friend's birthday, which is way back in October. Oh wait...that's only 1 month ago...

Anyway, i decided to have a shot last night, just for the fun of it. Better that to leave that bottle sitting on my shelf starring at me study everyday..Hey, I don't push myself, ok? Just one shot.

Ok, maybe 2. But just 2!! After that i watched Prison Break, and went to sleep. and by sleep here i mean lie-down-and-snore sleep, not the "sleep" sleep.

Updates! ok, here's what's up. Finished Biology exam, i guess i should be okay with it. Left a couple of questions blank though. I dun think i even remember anything about endocrine system. I know, "even if you dunno the answer, write something", right? But how can you right when you dun even have a single clue of what the question is asking? i totally just skipped cortisol thingy because the lecture slides looks crap and cant make anything out of it. Is there even a lecture slide on cortisol in the first place? And just my luck it popped out in the exam. Oh well, 5/160 = 2 total course marks.

Other than that, nothing much. Still stuck in my room while the others go fishing.

Another thing, been looking at pics of Jayden his mom posted in Facebook. I guess handsomeness runs in the family!!

Someone commented he looks like ang moh kia. Mum said i get those type of comments a few times when i was a baby too. Coincidence? ;)

Logging off......bye!
Saturday, November 22, 2008, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 6:10 pm
I need to get my ass back blogging and updating in a more frequent way, so trying to update more often instead of putting everything on hold until the next month.

Anyway, I'm halfway through my exam...i cant believe it! ONLY halfway!!

while people are already having plans on weekends, renting cars to go Glenelg, making sushis for that purpose, I'm sitting on my sorry ass in front of notes for the 2 more challenging papers. Pharmaceutics and Statistic papers are important too, but there's not much i can do about it, as Pharmaceutics are more subjective while Stats are just.....stats. But come Biology and Chemistry, it really is time to panic.

When asked what are you doing after dinner by friends, without thinking i will blurt out "study". Damn, i feel like a total loser....

Oh well...hopefully the 3 month break after all this will freshen me up. Fun Fact: Did you know that i have not had any study break longer than 3 weeks since February 2007? Yeap. My break between college and university is just 1 week, and i use that 7 days to fly over to Adelaide and settle down. In other words, i really really really need a long break.

Anyway, its time to hit the shower, get my ass back into Biology notes, and have a good sleep. If God permits, i'm feeling like waking up at 7 or 8 tumoro and have a jog around the field followed by a hot shower before church.

PS: Sorry for my 3 asses in the post. Lets make it fun. Can you find all three of them? :D
Thursday, November 20, 2008, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 12:38 pm
I guess this is a reasonably valid reason to start updating eh?

19 years and 1 day ago, a cool guy was born...that is why it was celebrated every year!

So...where to start? i guess it's already starting by 17th or 18th November, where some early wishes were thrown at me...Someone even wished me 3 times before the stroke of 12am 19th November!

anyway, once officially entered the day itself, lots more wishes coming in. There's a few birthday wishes thru SMSes, a few e-cards from mum, dad, and the little devil of the family. Then, lots more through Facebook! I lost count how many, just to say that i spend almost the whole day replying to wishes, until i can't get any studying done.

At noon, just a simple lunch with a few lodge mates at Charlie's snack, had this kind of Vietnamese beef noodle, i guess it counts as having long life noodle on birthdays then. After that, returned home to continue replying wishes studying.

By 5pm, Jien called and asked me to come for the dinner. No questions asked, as knowing those guys, they're already planning everything out. So the atendees are me, 14 other Malaysians and 1 European dude. Hehe...just wanted to make it sounded more international based..

If there's new things i learned on my birthday, its this: they treat birthday boys or girls like celebrity. From the moment i entered, my pics are already being taken...

So we had a reasonably big dinner together. Really appreciate it guys! If its not for the exam season, i'm sure the number of people will be attending.

And then there's presents! thanks for the wallet guys! and also the 2 cute snowmen chocolate from Haighs!

Ok, there's only 1 snowman in the pic, because the other one is already in my tummy. Anyway, the wallet really suits me! i have too much card in my wallet, and guess what..this wallet have 10 card slots! No wonder it's called the Blur Traveler.

Thanks again guys, really like it!

and also not to mention 2 bloggers (that i'm aware of) who created bday posts for me! I'll continue terrorizing both your blogs, dun worry about that ;)

Last but not least, thanks to the belated wishes i received, due to time zone difference etc. And for those of you who have forgotten, shame on you!!! nvm, there's always next year ;)

A big THANK YOU for all again, this is definitely the bday with the most wishes in my 19 year's of life history!

*credits to Siew Mei and Kiing Mee Yien who blogged about the event as well, and for me to steal borrow get a few pictures from. After all, you guys are the official camerawomen for this Club*