Wednesday, October 17, 2007, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 10:46 pm
2 nights ago, i stumbled into an online basketball game, Cyberdunk. it is a web based MMORPG where you have to get yourself a player in the game, train him, buy accesories and stuff for him, and watch him play and see his ranks rise among the many players.

It is a very interesting game, seeing your player's value increase, as he started to gain more and more points and stats, gaining more playing time and getting lotsa awards. your player will be assigned to a team, and will play in leagues and tournaments. the player's salary will be paid by the team, and that's where ur income come from.

That's not the only way to gain money. You can actually spend money( yes, real life $) to get the in game cash. For US$1, i can get $2500 in the game. In fact, i just spend US$1 on myself and sold another US$1 to my friend for RM3 (US dollar rate is 3.5, u know...) .

besides spending money, you can also blog to increase your income. they will pay you 100 cyberpoints (equivalent to $2500) for each article you write about them and their affiliates each month (that's what i'm doing now).

So, for those of you who are bored at home, or are interested in basketball, you can try out this website, it is simple yet fun. You can join the game by clicking here! (do click here, help me generate cyberpoints through the referal program..hehe).
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