Thursday, October 18, 2007, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 10:27 pm
I was looking around Advertlets just now, and i saw a post saying good news for Advertlets blogger. Wait a sec, i am an Advertlets blogger. so, i click on the link, and it brought me to a very colourful website.

The website is FACES,
Malaysia's most active lifestyle channel. They're all about the latest in trends, movies, music, fashion, clubbing, parties, good food, and lots more. Since i was asked to scroll down, so i did, and guess what, E-freebies for Advertlets blogger! What i am supposed to do is to blog about what i wanted from the list of freebies, and why i wanted it so much.

I take a look at the list of freebies, and what caught my attention the most is
Limited Edition Brothers Polo T-Shirt. Wow, a polo t-shirt! Why i wanted it? It is because Chinese New Year is coming. Well, actually it's around 4 months from now, but hey, 4 months is not long, right? So i was saying, Chinese New Year is apporaching, and when Chinese New Year is coming, people will start to buy new clothes. Mothers will bring their daughter to buy dresses, while father and son will go look for some manly attires. What does that have to do with the Limited Edition Brothers Polo T-Shirt? It is because i have nobody to bring me shopping for shirt!! :(

Ok, i'm not a small kid, and i don't really need someone to shop with me. The problem is, my parent is not with me right now. Yes, I am not living with them. Heck, they aren't even in Malaysia! They are living somewhere in Middle East, in a country called Qatar, due to dad's work. I don't expect them to fly over just to buy clothes for me, or send me some clothings from over there. I don't want to wear Arabic cloths on New Year! -.-"'

So, basically, I'm stuck with nobody to buy cloths with, nobody to give opinion, nobody to negotiate price for me, and nobody to pay for me...Anyway, this opportunity can't come at any better time for me! Imagine going to open houses with a brand new Brothers Polo T-shirt. Limited Edition some more! I think i will attract more attention than a newlywed during CNY!

So, if i get this prize, it saves me a lot of time. Then, i can concentrate on my studies. No need to worry about what i should wear for New Year. Plus, this also save me some money. I am living alone, and i have limited (not saying how much) cash in my bank account, so it could save me quite a lot for buying clothes. I haven't bought any clothes for the past 6 months, you know...

So, i really hope i can get the shirt and i have less one thing in my mind to worry about.
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At 8:46 am, Blogger lynnx01

Your dad is cross-posting? Cool. Sounds like Sherp to me. Except that she is with her family cross-posted. HAha!


At 2:11 pm, Blogger Pyroboy1911

yea, the only reason i'm not living with them is because when they moved over, I'm oredi studying here in Klang.


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