Thursday, October 18, 2007, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 9:35 pm
Did you guys read the post about Cyberdunk below? well, this post is not about cyberdunk, but about! What's de connection? Talkdep is a forum for cyberdunk players and managers to interact with each other.

If you visit the forums, you can see that many users talk about their teams and their stats, not to mention all the bets they had won or lost (yes, there are bets. no real money though, don't worry). it's fun to compare teams and players stats.

besides that, there is also places for managers to find players for their team. too bad their requirements are 20 (value) and above, i just started, so my value is 17.2 ....

Not a cyberdunk user? no problem at all, there are also threads for you to discuss about stuff like movies, sports and other topics that are not related to cyberdunk at all.

So, do join and have fun interacting with the users there!
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