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It's my first time of winning something from my college. This time, it's the win lose or draw plus charade competition. Win lose or draw is where you have to draw and your partners will guess it, while charade is the same thing, but it involves acting. So, basically, in this competition, you'll have to do both.

It may surprise you, how come a person like me will join this type of competition? Well, sometimes, in life, you have to do things although your heart told you the otherwise. Sometimes it is better to follow the other voice than the one inside your head. Still don't get it? Basically, it means we're forced to join.

Anyway, to be fair, all of us from Foundation program joined the competition, so we formed two teams. My team's name was Group No.5 and the other one was Group No.10. Why the special name? Because that's what we were called during the competition.

So it all started early in the morning at around 9, when we all gathered and discuss strategy, like what to show to indicate language, how to indicate the Prime Minister, what to draw to indicate numbers and alphabets and so on. Then, the competition starts at 10 A.M.

The words we need to guess are damn difficult. Some of them are like "Tapioca is the staple food during the japanese occupation" or "Mr. Tee eating banana leaf rice". WTF!!! How are you supposed to act it out? And who the hell is Mr. Tee?

Group no.5 was paired up with Group No.6, since the first round is a knock-out round, to eliminate 5 teams from the participating 10. Luckily for us, Group No.6 was the only all girl team, so we expect them to not do so well. Our expectations were correct, as they score 0. But, so do we. In the end, we needed the tiebreaker to settle it. The question is "Name the Federal Territories of Malaysia". Do you know the answer? Comment on it. Anyway, i was the first to raise my hands up, probably because i'm de only one among all of us to know what it actually means, the rest only knows it in the Malay language. So, off we go for the second round. Group No.10 also qualify, beating their opponent 2-1.

In Round 2, it's the Top 2 qualify for finals system. This time, it's the Win Lose or Draw system. The groups that qualified are 2, 3, 5, 7 and 10. Group 2 and 3 came out getting 0, so we only need to get 1 point to guarantee a hamper.

I'm de first drawer, and the word i get was "Bukit Bintang is in the Golden Triangle". This is easy, i told myself. So i drew something like this:

They guessed Hill Star, but i cant show them anything to change the language, so we din get any marks for this. For the next drawer, the phrase was "13th May was a dark tragedy". Thanks to secret symbols, we came out with the 13, and i immediately thought about 13 may, and everyone, even the MC, was surprised how we even know the number 13. We mad a little mistake by saying "Black day", so we only get 1 mark out of a full 2. The next phrase was "Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak Formed Malaysia on 16th September 1963". I made a little mistake saying Malaysia instead of Malaya, and we only got 1 point. :(

With group 7 getting 2 marks as well, while group 10 din get anything at all, now the final was between us and group 7. After lunch break, there is a live performance by the school's band.

Then, the match continues. Group 5 gets to go first, and the clue the first marker get was "Alex Yong, The first malaysian Grand Prix driver" or something like that, but how to F*** can u act out Grand Prix? I ended up guessing Alex Yong was the first Malaysian F1 driver, the judge din accept it. The opposing team managed to get 1 mark for round 1 of the finals because their clue was "Tugu Negara, the national monument", and they get 1 mark for just simply saying out Tugu Negara.

For the second clue, we got "Tsunami alert in Malaysia was on Wednesday" (referring to the earthquake incident in Indonesia a few days ago). Nobody got any mark for it. The opponent also got 0 for their 2nd round because their "joget" dance looks more like the Iban traditional dance Ngajat.

For the third round, we got "Datuk Azhar Mansur was the first Malaysian to sail around the world alone", but we cant guess the alone part, so we only managed to get 1 mark. Then, the opponent gets "Tuanku Abdul Rahman was the first King of Malaysia". I saw the actor acting out a crown, then those guys keep guessing Tunku Abdul Rahman, so i knew the answer already. I ask my friend to say it, but he says "Tuanku Abdul Rahman is the first PM" or "Tuanku Abdul Rahman is the first PM and Agong".....I snatched the microphone away from him, and said "Tuanku Abdul Rahman was the first Agong of Malaysia". I got 1 mark only, apparently they want the word 'king'.

Note: Tunku Abdul Rahman is the first PM. Tuanku Abdul Rahman is the first King. they have the same name, different title.

So, for the fourth round, I'm de actor. Yes, behold my acting skill. My clue was "Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad badawi is married again". So, i acted out the secret code for PM, point out no5, then make some wedding gestures, and we managed to get the full 2 points for this round, thanks to my good acting skill =) . Note that to get 2 points, it needs to be the same exact words that are given to you.

It seems like an obvious result oredi, but suddenly, out of nowhere, a malay lady told the MC we don't deserve to win, maybe because of the Tuanku and Tunku incident. So they requested for a bonus round, which carries a total of 4 points if guessed correctly, 1 point for partially correct and 0 know.

The opponents get the clue "Putra LRT", but they only guessed LRT, so they got 1 point. For the bonus round, anyone can go up, so my teammates asked me to go. So, i acted again. my clue was......."Bukit Ketam in Selangor"!!! How lucky can i be, getting 2 easy clues? I acted out an island, and imagine wat i acted for the crab part. The word Selangor come out along the way, so we get another additional 4 points. total score: 8-2, 6 points scored by me ;) .

So, now comes the hamper giving ceremony. I think there are enough words here,so pics only. My other friends din bother taking our pictures acting, only the award part.



And this is the part when the two winners took picture together.

The best actor from both side of the team.

Sorry for some the crappy photos, apparently not everyone have the same photography skill like me.
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At 9:08 am, Blogger Sherp

very detailed and abit confusing at certain points, but sounded like fun. and congrats!!


At 12:41 pm, Blogger Pyroboy1911

i know, even i was confused by it!! haha...coz too many rules and regulations and events, i dunno how to arrange them. Can always ask me to tell u personally rite? :P


At 10:33 pm, Anonymous Anonymous

u always seem to have luck when it comes to competition


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