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Ever wondered how it would be if we were all living in a drama-like life? Where almost everything is very dramatic (pun not intended)? As i was watching dramas, i found that their life is not normal. Well, they are normal in a sense that they eat, drink, sleep and breathe just like all of us do. Not normal as in the daily incidents that happened to them.

For instance, take case no.1 : This one applies to girl, so you're a dude, imagine urself having long hair, make ups, skirts or ribbons if you feel like it. You were walking down a stair, and u din see a puddle of water. You step on it, and slipped. What happen to you next? probably u'll fall down, seen by a number of people, and they started laughing at you. You'll end up walking away as fast as possible, looking very embarrassed.

This is not the case in a drama. If you were in a drama, out of nowhere, a guy will successfully hold on to you, preventing you from embarrassing yourself. And not just any guy, probably the best looking guy u've ever seen in your life. Not only that, when he hold onto you, the time seems to stop, eyes producing statics, and both of you seems to move in a slow motion. I think if scientists want to research on time travel, creation of electric out of nowhere and defying gravity, they should start on the drama actors and actresses.

Case no.2: Guy A is about to confess his love to Girl B, who supposedly have a two way feeling with Guy B. Just after Guy A confess, out of nowhere, Guy B appeared, looking shocked, and started to have random thoughts on what's happening, and this turns into a very big mix-up.

In reality, if someone were to be in this big confusion, his or her head might even explode. And don't you think the world is quite big, to have such coincidence?

Case no.3 : there will always be two guys drooling over a girl. Coincidentally, most of the time, those two guys are related, eg: brothers, cousins, father and son, and so on. Usually, those two guys will fight for the girl, literally. Punch here and there, then when tired, sit on the floor while starring at each other, and start to tell each other their love to the girl in a very cheesy way.

Back to reality, if there is a fight going on to win a girl, call me. I wanna witness a once in a lifetime incident. And even if there is a fight, i doubt there will be cheesy lines exchanges, especially with a group of people surrounding them to cheer, probably the police also appear oredi.

Case no.4: Whenever there is an emergency, there is always a problem with the phone : out of battery, phone in use, phone left at home, phone dropped and kaput, and every problem involving phones you can think of. And another thing, when Guy A heard what happen to Girl A, he would start running and looking for her, or drive around the whole city. I wonder what they do with mobile phones. probably they knew that the phone will have problems like mentioned above, so they din bother trying.

I'm not against dramas. In fact, i enjoyed drama like everyone else. They help me get through my boring life faster. It's just that sometimes, those dramas have such a predictable story line. Where's the old type of movies where a villain kidnap the girl and ONE guy will save her, not two fighting over who will save her?
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At 12:00 am, Blogger Sherp

hahahaha~!! i cant help not laughing. i totally agree with u in all of them, but i kinda din understand case 2 :P but thats the thing abt dramas, they are so predictable, typical, stereotypical blabla.. but its so fun to watch them. and when 2 guys fight over a girl, or vice versa (girls fight for a guy) it makes it more interesting right? coz in real life these dont happen. so for me, watching a drama is like escaping from reality. its awesome :) and to be able to empathise with the characters in the dramas.. great feeling!


At 12:14 am, Blogger Pyroboy1911

haha, it's not supposed to be funny le...hahaha
anyway, an example of case no.2 is when Huo Yan proposed to Jia Di, then Huo Da have to be there at the "right" moment.


At 2:47 pm, Blogger < u3! y!nG >

That is why I avoid watching dramas.


At 3:40 pm, Blogger Pyroboy1911

haha, then both u and sherp are opposite. Sherp, u can't live without drama, rite? rite?


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