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This is my first post in the year 2007, so i was thinking of making something special. Maybe I'll try a different way of blogging...

1st January 2007. Almost the whole world is celebrating outside. However, some people cant make it. Those who do not celebrate includes:


Anyway, for those who partied, the moments they all are waiting for is the countdown. 3, 2, 1..Happy New Year!!! Then they continued drinking and partying...

Some managed to stay up the whole night and take some nice photoes...

While some cant make it through the night...

For those who did not celebrate outside, what they did was:

Throughout the year 2006, many incidents have happened. One of them is the death of our beloved crocodile hunter, Steve 'Crikey' Irwin. He was struck by a stingray on his chest, causing the crocodile community to lose their King. I think I mentioned that before.

Probably the look he had on his face when he was stung.

Then there's also the death of our most beloved tyrant, Saddam ' Kill, Kill, Kill' Hussein. He was found guilty of the mass murder of 148 people in his region. So, he was hung.

Not to forget, the best day of my life until now is also in the year 2006.

2006 is a year full of laughters and cries. Let's hope 2007 will be a much better year.

Pictures are for blogging purposes only, not intending to voice any opinion. Thousands apologies if you find the pictures or descriptions disturbing.
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At 1:24 am, Blogger Sherp

hehe, very nice way of introducing us into 2007~ very funny... but the last pic is quite err... scary haha..

in case ur wondering, im in school now thats why i can online - but freedom is coming for me this wednesday afternoon =D


At 9:59 am, Blogger Pyroboy1911

haha...for some reason, that last pic looks kinda cool to a model or something...haha...


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