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Football. Sport to some, religion to others. But no matter how people see it, Football is still the greatest game in the whole wide world, even though Hot Dog Eating Competition is catching up.

It is said that football originated from China, created by Buddhist monks. But after the English came and tried to declare football as it's own, they decided to settle it with a football match. It ended with a victory for the England side, and since then, England is known as the father of football.

Many of us think that football is a game for 20 idiots running around, chasing a ball, and another 2 more idiot person standing clueless, hitting the ball away from their goals as if their cars are parked there.


Football is more than that. There are many ways to see football. I'll list them down:

1. Football is for gays.

Many people speculated that football is only for gays. It's a well known fact that football is only played mainly by men. Some pictures might even suggested so:


2. Football is for people who wanted to get hurt.

Well, no doubt accidents do happen in sport. But recent pictures released showed that football may be the way to cause injuries purposely:


3. Football is religion

Football is so popular, people are making it as a religion. Here's the proof:

But no matter what other people say, i still think football rocks!!!

(Actually i felt lazy, and wanted to continue my drama, so end it juz like this...hehe...)
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At 12:31 am, Blogger Sherp

yep.. i'd never thought of these things.. only a pro like u can see the diff sides to it :P


At 10:25 am, Blogger Pyroboy1911

i'm not pro...


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