Wednesday, January 17, 2007, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 9:49 pm
While driving around the town, my aunt (not real aunt, called her that) decided to buy 4D Toto. If you dunno what it is, it's lottery ticket, with 4 digit number as the bet. She asked me to buy, since i never bought before. Who knows, I'm lucky, or they called it First Time Luck.

Before that, my mum saw an accident when sending my little sister to school. As considerate people, we should be pitiful, right? But as we all know, we Chinese will note down the plat number of the cars involved in the accident and try to take advantage of it. The car's number is 9131. Plus i bought a new handphone number a couple of weeks ago, it's 01X- XXX 7210.

So, my aunt decided to buy 9131, 7210 and 2044( dunno what number though).

Later that night, which is tonight, i opened the website for checking my results, and the number appeared one by one...5914...7600...3072....5453...

WHAT???!!!! 3072???!!!!

I reli cant believe my eyes for a second. That number looks sooooooo familiar until my bro said "Eh, isn't that our car number?"

What the!!!

My car's plat number

And the number appeared in the website

I keep repeating that number for a few minutes, thinking of the money that could have been mine. Of so many numbers, nobody even think of betting on it. Sigh, just my luck. This is probably the closest i've come to winning something. Oh well....

PS: I think i'm getting addicted to this :P
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At 12:49 am, Blogger Sherp

oops, just now forgot haha..

when i first read this post the first thing i when i saw 'strike 4D' is a race car - i don know why that random thought came up.

so close yet din win... haha, i guess it was prob too obvious that u guys forgot.


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