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Since i'm feeling quite generous today, i'm gonna share with you the way to download FREE Japanese/Korean/Taiwanese/Chinese Dramas. Well...actually, i've just wrote the steps for my aunt, so it's basically copy and paste...hehe...OK, let's start...

You will have to use Internet Explorer to download dramas

Download Manager( skip this step if you already have one)
1. Go to http://www.getright.com/get.html
2. Click on the "download getright" link for new users
3. A download will appear and after finishing download, install it
note : This is an unregistered version, so it will always ask you to register(which cost money) , so dont click "buy now", "buy" or "enter code" but click "OK" instead...

Setting Up Account

1. Go to www.megaupload.com
2.Create a new account using the "Free Membership" link.

3. then, On the right side of the page, there are 4 small buttons inside a box. Click the 2nd one.

4. A new page will appear. Click on "download the megaupload toolbar"

5. After finishing downloading, Open the setup file and install.

The five step above enables you to download the files for free and shorter waiting time. Megaupload Toolbar will be installed.

Downloading Dramas:

1. Go to www.silentregrets.com.
2. On the left side of the screen, u can see japanese dramas, korean dramas, taiwanese dramas and chinese dramas.
3. I'll make an example here, let's say u wanted to download the Korean drama "My Love Patzzi"
4. Click on the link "completed kdramas" on the left side
5. You will be directed to a page with a number of dramas to choose from (more on other page, u can browse through the numbers at the bottom of the page)
6. My Love Patzzi is the first, so click the name, and you'll be directed to a page with all the episodes in it.
7. There are 10 episodes here, and lets say u wanted to download the first episode, so click on the first episode (My Love Patzzi 01) link.
8. Another page will open, asking you to enter the letters to avoid computerized downloading

9. Another page will appear, asking you to wait for 25 seconds

10. After 25 seconds, a link "click here to download" will appear
11. Right click it, and click "download with Getright"( or any other download manager, if you already have 1)
12. Wait until download finishes, then enjoy the episode!!!
13. To download another episode or other dramas, just repeat the step from "Downloading Dramas".

Ta Da!!! Now u can create your own Drama Library, or you can just simply burn them into CDs and sell them at the Pasar Malam for RM2 per CD....

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At 11:04 am, Anonymous Anonymous

+u+u ya gor gor. thx for the useful info lerh..~!


At 12:51 am, Blogger Sherp

wow.. u hav a lot of time to even cross out the buttons we shouldnt click :P

awesome.. my mum was asking me to ask u how to dl haha

wat's +u+u ? =P haha


At 8:47 am, Blogger Pyroboy1911

haha...it should be easy for u to understand.

+u = add oil...haha

jia you


At 8:27 pm, Blogger Sherp

ooo... yah..forgot to think outside the square..hehehe


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