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I have such a good software, i cant help not sharing it here. It's called Xilisoft Video Converter. The function? to change any media type ( mp3, wav, wma, mpeg, avi, wmv ) to any media type (mp3, wav, wma, mpeg, avi, wmv). Yup, you can even record your voice using your video recorder or digital camera, and change the type of video (mov) to mp3, to be set as your phone's ringtone.

From the dropdown menu shown above, you can choose what type of media you wanted to convert your songs or movies into.

You can also actually change your bit rate for your mp3 songs.

Choose low bit rate for small sized song files (for handphones with small memory), while increase the bit rate for better quality songs. But remember, the higher the quality, the bigger the file size.

Some might be thinking on how to get this great product. Search no more, coz Da Club offers it !!! Even better, for FREE!!!

Xilisoft Video Converter

Oh, this is actually a trial version, and allows you to change files with 5 minutes of playing time only. But since the owner of Da Club is so good, he don't just provide free software, he gives free serials too!!!


Just copy and paste into the box that popped out when you tried to encode your songs.

Feel free to try around with a song or movie file, coz there might be some other hidden thing that i did not discover.
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At 10:01 pm, Blogger Sherp

wa.. nice.. last time i was wondering if there's such a thing coz i wanted to change wma to mp3 coz i couldnt put them to a cd..

eh wat do u think of imesh?


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