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I was wondering what to blog, while looking at Then i juz realized, why not blog about the upcoming Draft Pick? FYI, NBA's Draft Pick is where a group of players who registered to enter NBA will be drafted by NBA teams, depending on which team gets to select first, second etc. Normally, the lousy teams will get to pick first, because the NBA does not want a few teams to dominate the league for the whole century. Obviously, the first picker will be able to pick the best out of the group of rookies, so they have to scout each of them carefully to know their talents better.

According to everyone, this year's draft is one of the highly anticipated draft, compared to other drafts that produce big stars like the 1996 Draft, where players like Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and Allen Iverson appeared, and also the 2003 Draft, where LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Carmelo Anthony entered the NBA. i have to agree, 2006's Draft is....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Whoa?? Oh...sorry...anyway, this year's Draft pool have the looks of Greg Oden, Kevin Durant, Joachim Noah and lots more. They are champions in their high schools and colleges, so they probably will make an impact in the NBA. But one player that catches my eyes is Yi Jian Lian, a 19 year old Chinese basketball player. He is 2.13m tall, mind you.

He is regarded as the next Yao Ming, but i just think he can be better. He's tall, yet he can shoot, dribble and turn smoothly, which i think is an advantage over slower big guys. The only weakness i can see in him is his body size. Hope he don't get knocked away by bigger players, but i think he has the strength to handle it.

Here's a commercial he did for Nike, just to get away from all the stats and opinions on top.

He's the tallest guy in there, if you still didn't notice him.

Who will draft him? We'll know in a few days. But will he be good? That, we'll have to wait for a few years.
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