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No, this blog is not about fowarded messages that claimed to be true love but in the end, threatened that ur true love will die with a hockey stick stuck in his/her abdomen while hanging down from a durian tree.

This post is about real true love. A real story that i never thought happened in real life before. this story started when Miss Ranee, our English teacher went to lunch with us at the mamak restaurant because we invited her to go.

so, off we went to the restaurant. we sat down, ordered our lunch then we started talking. All kinds of stuff. from future studies until discussions about jobs, one thing lead to another, and ended up me asking the teacher , " Teacher, how did u get to know about the english vacancy here(SIT)?"

She said that a fren of here who is a lecturer too, told her. and since her fiance is here, so she have no problem coming over to Klang.

then i ask her her how come it is she who had to come over to visit her fiance and not the other way round?

then she smiled and say, " It's because he cannot go over that's why i came. He's in coma."

i was like from :P to O.O ...


What happened to him?

According to her, they had an accident, and he was in coma ever since. Oh, the accident was 7 years ago.

My fren who was sitting next to me was so surprised that he keep on repeating "coma" and "seven" until he forgot to eat his lunch. As for me, my rate of food consumption decreased sharply.

How often do u come across someone like her? Before this, to me, she's juz a young teacher who laughs at our jokes and sometimes act along with our clown acts. Who knew that behind her cheerful look, there is something that changed her life completely.

That guy is in coma. can't talk. cant respond. his brain is like...dead. And yet, she's still waiting. 7 years. waiting without any sign whether he'll recover in the near future or not.

Now, whenever i looked at her, i can see the sad part that i never realized before. And i know she's not giving any up any hope she has now.

Somehow, it makes me realize that my waiting is nothing compared to hers....

Miss Ranee, i pray that your fiance will regain consciousness and both of you will be reunited once again..
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At 4:40 am, Blogger Sherp

>< im sad now.. everyone has their own stories hidden behind the exterior, but once u know it u'l nvr look at them the same way. i'll be praying for her too :)


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