Thursday, June 28, 2007, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 5:47 pm
I was too bored last night, and i spotted all my report cards and certs and documents that my mum brought over to me. So i looked into them one by one, and had a great laugh at pictures and comments from teachers. First i look into the primary school report card.

Looked so ancient

What i saw on the first page gave me a mixture of shock, embarrassment and glee. I can't stop my self laughing at myself.

OK, stop it! It's not THAT funny!!

OMG!!! I can't believe my mum used that pic. This is a school's report card, not a cutest kid competition entry form. Grinning so widely, with a gun some more. I looked like a terrorist who had just killed a hostage and said "YOU'RE NEXT!"

Anyway, after the 6 years of primary education, every students must sit for the UPSR exam. And, i got a cert too.

TADA!!! Straight A's!!! YEA!!! That's for posting a cute pic for the teachers too see have a good laugh, that's why they gave me good marks ( I doubt that).

After UPSR, most student will continue their studies up until PMR level, although there are some who leave the country halfway through lower secondary. :P

So, i looked at my lower secondary report card.

Well, at least i din bring a gun to secondary school, and I don't grin at teachers anymore. But i still look nerdy.

Since it's too small to see, i'll juz talk briefly about what's inside, and probably some comments. The first page is basically all my personal details. The second page is my results in the three years time. lazy to list them all, so i'll juz post my rankings in the class. No12, 11 and 20 respectively for Form 1, 2, and 3. The third page is about my attitude in class. Mostly Bs and Cs. The fourth page is my ambition, bla bla bla. The first year, i put Doctor, Architect and Lawyer. The third year, still Doctor, Architect and Lawyer. Too lazy to change so much i guess.

So, after the end of Form 3, it's time for PMR. I got a cert again.

WAHAHA!! Straight A's again!! not bad, not bad.

So, with the great accomplishment so far, i went on too Form 4 and 5. the report book looks like this:

Not bad looking. But when turned to page 1,

Wah!! No pic at all! or i'm invisible? sorry for the censored parts, too private and confidential ( for some).

Anyway, as for my results, for Form 4, i got 12, 17, 10 and 14 for the 4 big test of the year. And for Form 5, it's 18, 20, 14 and 10.

Then it's the SPM.

No more straight As!! Why? izzit because i dun provide jokes with my pic???
Anyway, i'm satisfied with my results, so it's ok...

There. 11 years worth of studying, compressed into a 2 minute blog post. Hope you enjoy it.
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At 8:42 am, Blogger Sherp

hahaha wow.. i found my tadika pimpim report card. height recorded was really ...short. ^^ its fun to look back at old things huh?


At 10:55 am, Blogger Pyroboy1911

we're both shorties back then....hahaha!


At 10:24 am, Anonymous ^mtv^

yeah. i do enjoy it,smart ass :P


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