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Very sorry because i can't post yesterday, my stomach is not feeling good, my hand hurts from carrying my bag, and i haven slept on a comfy bed for more than 26 hours. But today, i feel totally fresh and blogable!

So, as promise, i'll blog about yesterday. I'll start from friday night. I slept at 9pm, hoping to wake up at 3am, but the plan did not work so well. i woke up at 11pm instead. So, i stayed awake, finish my packing until around 6.45, where and i went down, and the taxi had just arrived.

Arrived at the airport at 7.40, paid Mr. Teo RM65, head in....and don't know where to go. I searched around, not knowing where Qatar Airways' check in counter is. I walk around, until i saw someone laid the carpet which indicates check in counter for business nad first class pessengers. on the carpet is the Oryx logo, so i ask the attendant there and he told me it's the Qatar Airways' check in counter.

After checking in, i went over to the immigration station. For Malaysian passport holders, we just have to put our passport in the slot, scan our fingerprints, and done. As easy as 123. I use the train to move from the main terminal to the international station, and headed my way to departure hall C13. Upon arriving, i realised that we can't go in yet until 10.25, so i wait outside and posted the KLIA post.

When going into the departure hall, the scanner guy saw sumthing and wanted me to open the bag. Uh Oh. i hope it's not the Har Mee.

Scanner guy: Apa di dalam beg? Tengah punya. ( what's in the middle of the bag?)
Me: Slipar la.. ( just slippers)
Scanner guy: Oh, slipar.. (oh, slippers...)

At 11.15, i boarded the plane to Doha. In that 7 hours, all i did was eat, sleep, watch an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond and look at the acts of 2 very cute European (1 English, 1 Spanish babies i've ever seen. I made a clicking sound when the Spanish one looked at me and guess wat? She laughed!!! Babies like me!!!

Then, arrived at Doha International Airport. When the air stewardess announced the weather is 38 degree Celcius, i was like "Whoa, how to survive?"

Went into the terminal, the guard wanted to check my bag again. Saw a few packets of Har Mee then start packing everything back. after finished, i looked at him and he just smiled at me.........
So i walk outside,where my parents are waiting for me.

went back, did some shopping for dinner, eat, then sleep.

Sorry for the lousy ending...i just dun feel like typing so much towards the end of the post.

Oh yea, remember Yi Jian Lian? he was picked no.6 by Milwaukee Bucks. Congratz.
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At 8:16 am, Blogger Sherp

slipar... hahahha ... ^^ just not used to anything other than slippers


At 10:26 am, Anonymous ^mtv^

where in the world is
doha? 1st time heard of it :P


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