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After spending days starring at my laptops watching movies, dramas and animes, finally i get a chance to explore Doha. A lady picked us up at 8.30am, it's the tour guide thingy Shell is arranging for newcomers. The weather is sunny, quite windy, temperature about 42 oC.

Yup, 42 oC. Not 32, but 42.

Our first destination is the old market of Doha, where the shop there is like....old. Along the way, i saw something quite interesting. U know that part of Transformers is filmed in Qatar right? Well, u'll know after reading this.

Anyway, just to confirm with you about the validity of the movie...

Look!! Autobots!!

Anyway, the journey there is pretty boring, as all u can see is normal Arabian buildings.

A normal building.

This is not the beach, it's the round-about.

Arrived at the old shops, i noticed that the shops there IS old.

Then in one of the shops that sells hunting equipments, they are rearing fowls used in hunting in the dessert. The birds are now in air conditioning shops looking at ppl looking at them because the weather now is too hot.

Should i be happy because it looked at me, or should i avoid going to the dessert in the near future?

After that, the lady drove us to the sport shop so i can get myself a basketball, then went to the wholesale and markets. No big difference with those in Malaysia, except the ppl who sell stuffs are now wearing Thawbs.

Oh wow, for a sight seeing experience, i reli take too little pictures and wrote too little words. I guess i dun have the mood to do anything fun....oh well.
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At 7:47 am, Blogger Sherp

wa.. shud be reallllllly exciting to go to Doha huh? :P


At 10:28 am, Anonymous ^mtv^

why do u go to Doha for anyway?
and i love ur background music!!!!


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