Saturday, December 13, 2008, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 11:38 pm
I know this is a long overdue post...but for the sake of people who wanna know, i'll show some pics of Qatar.

First thing's first, visited Souq on the first day of my arrival. This is where we met some duck-like creatures which i thought have been long extinct. Seems like their race seek refuge here.

the next day, we went to Sealine. As the name suggests, it is near the sea.

People are actually driving their 4WD up and down the sand dunes, something people used to do in the desert.

Oh, for your information, means of transports here are camels:

Ok, i was just kidding. Camel ride, 2-3 minutes long.

Other than that, nothing much to do...been hitting the gym almost everyday, hopefully that will do me some good.

Oh, and for those who are enjoying mamak back there, dun laugh at me!

Teh tarik and Murtabak have found its way to the Arab world!
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At 6:30 pm, Blogger Sherp

i didnt think they looked like ducks until u mentioned it haha.. more like ferocious birds! which arent ducks


At 8:03 am, Blogger Pyroboy1911

long necks, webbed might not be ducks, but it sounded more like geese to me :P


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