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2/12/2008- Only after 9 months here i visited Hahndorf, some sort of like a small tourist town here in Adelaide. Reason of visiting: Bored.

Walked around looking at some shops there, but nothing that attracts me to buy. Except for some Sugus-like candy.

After that we went to some German themed hotel to have lunch. Heard from a friend of Kenny that the pig knuckle there is nice, so we go for the dish.

Now you still wonder why Eurpoeans are so big in size? anyway, the pig knuckles tasted like bak kut teh, so nothing special about it.

After lunch, we decided to visit the strawberry farm. I bought a couple of honey jars from the store there, so i wouldnt have to "grab some honey from the business class lounge" anymore. nothing much to do here unless you want to handpick your own strawberries fresh from the yard (please, as if we were that enthusiastic). So we move on to the animal farm.

Entry is $10 and we figured out it isnt worth paying that to smell some goat dung while feeding them. So we decided to take what is available for free: some chickens on the outside and a couple of parrots.

These parrots can actually talk!

The second parrot can also talk, but its in a language i couldn't understand. Probably owned by a drunken master before.

After all that, we headed back to the city. Did some shopping for clothes before heading home. Nothing interesting happened after that day, until now...

Damn, i wish this weekend arrive sooner!
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At 5:41 pm, Blogger Sherp

pig knuckles >___< interesting what things ppl come up with to eat


At 7:27 am, Blogger Pyroboy1911

i dun think its a new thing out there, probably just the first time i heard people calling it pig's knuckles...


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