Tuesday, May 29, 2007, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 7:56 pm
Last night, my hacking instincts came back to me...like when i did in Form 4, i planted a software that can hide itself in any file. When another computer opens the file, the software will stealthily installs itself. TADA, all your key logs and screenshots can be retrieved by me.

So, i went to look for that software again. Since it's 2 years ago, i totally forgot the name, so i tired to search in the net. After searching and testing some programs, all i get is keyloggers that saves the key log on my own computer, usually used by control freak parents or husband or wife trying to catch their spouses cheating.

Until i stumbled upon this file. WINK. the words that attracted my attention is "installs and hides itself in the system and starts to log every key typed by the user." so i downloaded it and give it a try. when i run the setup file, nothing happens.

Oh yeah...installs stealthily. then i restarted the laptop so that it can renew the registry system. Then the worst part came.

The next time i open my laptop, i cant use the Ctrl+Alt+Del button to enter the Task Manager anymore. and i noticed that all my root folders were shared!!

C drive, D drive, Windows folder, CD Drive, all shared. means that someone sharing the same network with me will be able to see all my stuffs. And i can't reverse it, since this program is stealth. Totally stealth. cant be detected by anything.

For that 1 hour, i keep on searching for ways to uninstall it. the only guide i found is from the creator of WINK himself, but only for Wink 1.0 and 1.2 . No 1.3, which is the one i've "installed".

Then, knowing no other solutions, i tried System Restore. while it's loading back previous settings, i was there praying.....

WHEW!!! luckily it fixes the problem, since everything installed after the system restore point will be deleted. I could have swore my balls shrunk half it's size.

The moral of this story is, don't try to wink.

No, actually it is don't try to mess with stuff that u're not familiar with, or else it will backfire. i wonder what will happen to ppl who does not even know what system restore or other basic computer recovery technique will do. from http://xeustech.blogspot.com, people are actually begging the creator for uninstallation guides.

NOTE: Do not click on any link in the WINK link, if you feel like exploring. In case you've installed the program, use System Restore. If that doesn't fix it, most probably you'll have to reformat your computer. Da Club will not be held responsible for corrupted computers or even worse....lost of important documents and saved passwords.
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At 4:38 am, Blogger Sherp

the moral of the story should be ... don be a hacker! :P


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