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Ever watched dramas and animes and wondered how did those guys do the subtitles? Wanted to know how to hardsub a subtitle into a video? Wanted to create your own videos with subtitles?

If you answered yes to all the three questions, then u will probably be interested in this post. You see, i always wondered how are subtitles created. How did they put the subs into the movie? I know there is a soft sub, which means opening a video with a .ssa(or any other subtitle formats) in the same directory, then you can watch a movie with subtitles. But how did they actually get the wordings into the movie itself?

As i searched around, i finally found my answers, and after wondering for so long, the answer is just too simple. The only 2 software needed is a subtitle creator and a video editor. So, now i will introduce all the tools i used to create a hardsub:

Xilisoft Media Converter: I had been using this product for like the past 2 years. This software enables me to change media files into other formats, such as MPEG to AVI, 3gp to MOV and stuff like that. This software also allow me to change the bitrates and framerates of audio and video files, so I can enhance the performance or reduce the size.

Kate's Video Cutter: Only one function- CUT!! Enables me to crop videos out of any movie. Although there are many versions out there in the net, i prefer this one because it's simple and efficient.

Aegisub: The subtitle creator. This software allows me to time my subs according to the video. Although subbing can be done manually (opening a .srt file using notepad and edit the time and wordings) , this software makes ur job much much more easier. With this software, I can also change the fonts, size and colour of my subs.

VirtualDub: The ultimate software for hardsubbing. Using this software, I can do numerous video editing functions, but as for now, i only used it to hardsub my videos.

So, here's my step of subbing a video:

First of all, cut the part of a video you wanted to sub. Or maybe you wanted to create ur own vidoe by joining them, then you'll have to use other software.

Then open Aegisub, and start your timing and subbings. Opening the video might help, but you'll need Avisynth plugin for this function. Export the softsub copy into .ssa files.

Next, open VirtualDub and open the video you wanted to sub. then under Video tabs, select filter, and add "subtitler" ( also a plugin, have to download subtitler.vdf file) and insert the .ssa file you've created earlier.

Save the video in AVI format.

Depending on your needs, change the video type using the media converter.

That's all. Sounds simple, huh? For me, to sub a 1 minute movie takes me about 10-15 minutes, especially the subtitle part. So dun expect me to sub an entire movie for the time being. Plus there sure will be errors here and there for the first few times you're doing this, but the fun is in the trial and error part, right?

I know this post has been very dull with all those very technical words, so here's my first ever subbed video using the ending part of Rush Hour 3. For those who haven't watch the movie yet and do not want to see a spoiler ( it's not) , then dun watch.

So any comments, please dun feel shy to drop in, since this is my first time and needed to learn more about it.

PS: Don't blame me for the crappy video, what do you expect from a downloaded version of movie? :P
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At 7:54 am, Blogger Sherp

wah! ive always wondered how they get the timings right too! tats so cool! thanks to them we all hav dramas to watch :D

but u missed out jackie's "go!" haha


At 6:58 pm, Blogger Pyroboy1911

eh, i din miss anything le...which part? +.+"


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