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What's the sudden Singapore post? Well, it's time for me to take a break from my usual self post and go for a commercial break. Get it? Commercial break? *ROTFL*

Anyway, I'm sure most people who went to singapore had difficulties finding place to stay. You know, a small island with a dense population, unless you already have a home in Singapore, it would take you hours just to find an apartment or a condo. It's not like you're gonna live in a hotel all the time you're working or studying in Singapore right? Now, under the advertising scheme between RoomsDB and Advertlets, they are trying to help you solve your dilemma! This advert scheme is basically write a review about RoomsDB, and earn money! yup, that simple.

Ok, back to the main thing. like I said, renting a room in Singapore is not easy. Don't worry, here comes your help: - rent a room in Singapore

This room rental web provides those who wanted to rent with good quality rooms in an HDB apartment or a condo. Never heard of RoomsDB before? Come on, you should read more newspapers, they even made it to the Straight Times!

If you want to save cost, you can always get a common room. If you're already used to a luxurious style of living, a master room will satisfy your needs. And if you wanted the whole place for yourself, don't worry, roomsDB also offers a whole flat for you. These flats are also situated in well known places like Tao Payoh, Tampines and Bukit Merah.

One good thing about RoomsDB compared to other room rental websites is that RoomsDB do not charge you for agent fees, because the deal made is directly between the buyer and seller. Plus, you don't even have to register with when using their service.

Afer the success of RoomsDB in Singapore, is now available for Kuala Lumpur as well, although it's still in a beta version. You can check it out here: - rent a room in KL

So, for those who intended to study or work in Singapore, this is a great and easy chance for you to rent an apartment with the most minimal cost available.
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At 8:29 am, Blogger lynnx01

Yup I think it's really a useful site for people looking for rooms. I went to the KL one to have a survey. Next time I need to look for tenants to replace the current rented place I have, probably I can use this.


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