Wednesday, August 15, 2007, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 4:13 pm
It seems that the blogger-advertiser thingy is hot right now. From local advertisers to international based ones, bloggers are sticking them to their blogs like wallpapers. Well, i am one of them too. Hey, who doesn't want money?

Recently after visiting a few blogs, it seems that most of them had PayPerPost ads on their blog. So i give it a try. Registering and stuff, i finally became a member of PayPerPost. Then i pasted their ads on my Ads section (the brown and maroon coloured one, if you dunno which one). That time, i still dunno what to do, since i did not meet the requirement for any of their opportunities.

After a few days, i received an email from PayPerPost, stating that my blog is approved by them. Nice...

The difference between PayPerPost and other ads providers is that PayPerPost offers money to you for writing a post for them. Other ads need visitors to click them to earn money. But for PayPerPost, the money earned is solely on the blogger's effort (and also if the blog meets the requirement for the post).

So far, the few people i've seen using PayPerPost is Sherp and her few cousins. Hopefully someone who read this post and interested in this blog ads thingy will join PayPerPost too. I'm supposed to Spread The Love anyway... =)

So give it a try. Get paid for blogging.

Btw, i'm donating the money earned to charities. I'm a kind person after all....

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At 6:27 am, Blogger Sherp

"I'm a kind person after all...." hahhaa.



At 8:36 am, Blogger lynnx01

"So far, the few people i've seen using PayPerPost is Sherp and her few cousins."

Funny the way you phrase it! HAHhahaa.. so I should be one of Sherp's cousins.. hehehe


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