Friday, August 17, 2007, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 8:19 pm
After much difficulty and postponing, i finally got the chance to watch the third sequel of Rush Hour.

On Thursday, we made a booking at Golden Screen Cinema(GSC) at Shaw Centrepoint, and everything seems fine. But today, when we reached the cinema at around 12.00, they said "the server is down, so we can't print tickets".

WTF!!! Just because the computer server is down, you can't print tickets? Blardy company thinking they are so advance by using everything computerized, but doesn't have a backup plan in case the server is down. Even the small cinema back in Bintulu using manual tickets have no such problems. I hope their server was down the whole day.

But our problems are not solved yet!!! No, i will not let a stupid cinema ruin my I-must-watch-Rush-Hour-3-today mood. So we decided to go to another cinema-Tanjong Golden Villaga(TGV) Bukit Raja. This is a beter cinema than the one at Centrepoint, and i personally think so too, because they dun have a server down error when i want to watch RH3.

Since there is no direct bus reaching that place, we had to stop by the highway and cross it. Yup. not a small road or street but a highway.

After avoiding getting run over by buses, lorries and cars, and some distance of walking, we finally made it to the Bukit Raja Shopping Center at around 12.30pm. We did not waste any time making our way to the cinema, to get ourselves the 1.00pm ticket. Looks like we don't have to worry after all, coz there are like 90% of seatings left. So we went for a quick lunch, and then make our way to the cinema.

The popcorn at this cinema costs RM4.20 for a regular ones...Damn, i can get the same amount for RM2 at any other shop. But at least this popcorn is nice, with caramel, not some low quality salty ones...

So we sat comfortably and i managed to watch the movie i've been anticipating for a very long time....

Hope nobody will sue me for piracy.

Oh, btw, i've noticed that my blog looks like a piece of crap in IE. So i advice you guys to download Mozilla Firefox, coz not only you can get a view of a better looking Da Club, it's also better than IE based on a few reasons. No, this is not an ad for Mozilla.
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At 12:05 am, Blogger Sherp

i think u probably will get sued!! taking photos in the cinema...tsk tsk

but. aah i wana watch it again heheh.

oh and yea, caramel popcorn is waaay better than salty popcorn. coz sweet popcorn tastes nice!


At 2:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous

Sherp.i totally agree with u.caramel popcorn taste so good..and salty popcorn taste like..UEKKKK.
anyway..hv u watch simpsons? after all it's ur fav series =)


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