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saw this cool stuff in Lewis' Paradise, so i decided to try it out.

The results:

63% like nicholas Tze, 59% like Alison Lohman, Michael Bloomberg, Vivian Hsu, Sharon Stone and Takeshi Kitano, 58% like Neve Campbell and 57% like J.K.Rowling.

First of all, 5 out of 8 is girl!!! Do i look that girlish? hey, this is one of my most "man" pic le...And Vivian hsu again!!! Do I look that horny to you?

And i thought i entered 1989 when they asked the year i was born. Why is there two old guys as my look-alike?

Not reli satisfied, i try again. And my results are...

Now, they say i look 68% like Lee Hom and Stephen Chou. And although there's a sharp decrease in the number of women, the only women appeared is also someone like Vivian Shu...more "experienced" some more...And what does that afro dude have that resembles me???

So i tried again. More means consistent, right?

The third one i got looks like this:

This time, Lee Hom and Nicholas Tze also inside, but so is Takeshi Kitano.

So, the conclusion is, i will grow up to look like either Lee Hom or Nicholas Tze and will grow old looking like a japanese apek. If I'm a woman, I will look kinda cute. If I existed in the black and white era, i will look like Gavin Rossdale and Sean Lennon. And if I'm a porn star, I will ended up singing and acting because of my history in the "filming" industry.

Then i used different pic:

WAA!!! Bae Yong-Jun!!! I guess i cant run from the fact that i do look like a girl or Nicholas Tze..... 0.0

Oh well...this is juz for fun. Those who read this post, hopefully you'll try it out...i wanna see which celebrity you resemble!!!

P.S. : To try, go to Face Recognition on the menu above, then "celebrities" on the left menu and then click Find the celebrity in you.
Note: For the first 3 pics, i used the same pic (DUH!!!) but i cropped them seperately. Means the pic is not of same measurement each time. If not, the results will be quite the same.
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At 7:25 am, Blogger Sherp

haha!! sowwwy! i cant help but laugh. this is fun. i will try it. i once tried it for bebo but i forgot what i got.

hehe.. u resemble cho ji woo too!


At 10:47 am, Blogger Pyroboy1911 cani look like her...-.-"


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