Friday, March 23, 2007, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 8:53 pm
Without even noticing, it's almost 2 weeks I'm staying in Klang...1 full week of studying in S.I.T. International College. Life totally different from the life I've been living for the past 17 years. No more comfort. No more warmth.

Living through everyday with a very different surrounding. Everywhere I go, everyone looks unfamiliar. Wake up, go to college, find food to eat, prepare for tomorrow's lessons, then go to bed...that's my daily routine...and all is done alone.

Sometimes, I feel very down. Thinking that i have to go through all these for 1 whole year, i feel like giving up already. Then, sometimes, i think that as time goes by, i will adapted to it. In other words, sometimes i like it, sometimes i hate it....It's very confusing...

And I'm still not sure if my 1 year here will be useful or not. What if UniSA won't accept S.I.T.'s foundation program? means i'll have to go through 1 year of aloneness for nothing.

Worst of all, i have yet to find the church. Heard that it's a walking distance away, but have no time to find it. Whenever I saw anything related to God, my heart felt very heavy, disgusted with myself, even afraid that i'll get used to not going to church....and Good Friday is just around the corner...

I dun like this new chapter...keep on going with it and i feel uneasy, but skip it and my life story will be incomplete...

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At 11:42 pm, Blogger Sherp

when we are surrounded by many people, sometimes we want to be alone, but once we experience this kind of college life, i guess we'd regret that feeling.

must be hard for you, i wonder how i'll cope, hopefully not too bad... I already expect the worst.

and even though you can't go to church, which is also why you feel so down, keep praying. many people will be praying for you. i remember when i went to oman last time, for 2 months, we didnt go to church... erm, the place doesnt even have a church, and that time i was unsure why i feel so doubtful, and i was scared that my faith will actually fade or that I become lazy to go to church. But all in good times, because at the moment, it is God's plans for you.
Cliche (but true) : everything will be alright.

All in good time....


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