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It started with a Kurikulum Pendidikan Pemandu ( KPP) Course on 19th of February 2006 , which costs RM 180. And I got this.

Then, After Passing the Law test, I progressed to the next thing i have to attend, which is the Engine Course on 7th of January 2007. Costs me another RM180.

After that, I attended the Amali ( practical) engine course on 12th of January 2007, and this time it costs me RM330.

Then on 23th of January, Eric called me and said that i'll be having my first lesson the next day, and to bring RM 410 and 2 pictures. He gave me these:

After more than a month of intense lessons, i had my test on 28th of February, and i passed ( pretty obvious...). So the JPJ guy gave me 2 piece of colourful papers in exchange of RM70.

So after all the money and time i put in to these activities, i managed to collect 4 piece of receipts, 2 piece of certificates, and 2 piece of JPJ coloured papers. ( not including the receipts from the first course which i think i lost and a mising certificate too. ).

All of these adds up to a whooping RM 1170. Not including money to buy petrols for transport and also my time.

In return, Budiman Driving School gave me a small card with my pic on it which they called Malaysian Probationary Driving License, or P License in short.

To think that I spent RM 1170 for a piece of card that probably only costs RM5 to produce....sounds crazy...

At least the card allows me to drive around...
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At 12:24 am, Blogger Sherp

waiseh.. so many receipts! Congrats again btw ^^


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