Sunday, April 01, 2007, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 4:55 pm
Yesterday, Max and i went to KL city. He wanted to meet his fren, so i juz tag along so that i know the route that i should take if i wanna go to KL myself. So after reaching KL Sentral ( the main train station), a fren of his, Chai picked us up, went driving the wrong road, and ended up him having to pay additional RM1 for toll fees. Then he drove us to another's fren's apartment. So I went into his apartment, and sit down. Looking around, i noticed he have lots and lots of computer hardware lying here and there.

Then Chai left for some business, so Max's another fren drove us to have lunch, then went to Giant supermarket for a while, then went back to his apartment, where i watched "The Crash of the Century" on Discovery Channel.

During commercial, i looked around his house and saw a book being displayed in a shelf, together with it's stand. the title " Breaking Through the BIOS Barrier : The Definitive BIOS Optimization Guide for PCs". By Adrian Wong.

Then Max told me " it's written by him( Max's another friend)

So "his another friend" is Adrian Wong.

Dr. Adrian Wong.

Adrian Wong is a graduate doctor who works in the computing world now. Although i never heard of him before, but for someone who can publish a book, muz be an expert in his field.

Written on top of the book is :
"Adrian knows more about tweaking a BIOS than Bill Gates knows about Windows" - Digital Dave,

WHOA!!! muz be super expert in his field.

Then it juz came to my realization : A famous guy in computing world actually drove me around, paid for my lunch and allowed me to watch his tv and sat on his sofa.

We even celebrate Max's birthday together at Starbucks with some other of his frens.

Not bad, huh?
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At 1:44 am, Anonymous Anonymous

You should remember to take a photo with him since he is considered to be a celebrity ....


At 8:03 pm, Blogger Pyroboy1911

oops, din have the opportunity la...haha...


At 9:28 pm, Blogger Sherp

haha.. din get a photo? darn it :P well, mayb u might meet him again next time? --> lucky u!! haha.. but i don get a single thing abt wat BIOS is haha.. so yeah, me computer clueless person - only knows to go online and chat *shrug*


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