Thursday, February 08, 2007, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 2:47 pm
This week, i think i reli do spend a lot of money....I go have a hair cut, which costs RM7....then my mouse "died", plus i bought a few wrist band...then had fast food coz lazy to cook..

Anyway, i guess i better intro my mouse. The name, A4 Tech Run On Shine. "Go Smoothly Even On Shiny Surfaces". This little moussie is black in colour, with some cool features... All explained in the picture below.

This is a USB headed mouse, but if you are using a desktop and have all your USB ports connected to keyboards, modems, webcams, printers, and etc, the head for the oldie mouse port is provided.

I got this moouse at Technosoft Computer Centre for only RM 60 (ONLY???!!!)....actual price is RM65, but since this mouse only left 2 in stock and they wanted to clear them off, so i was given a discount. Besides, I'm a regular customer. I always send my crashed laptop for them to repair under warranty, which means they repair it for free. very very regular customer.

P.S. : I like the grip thingy the best...very nice to touch...haha

The other thing i bought is a few wristband. The name.....Ballers Bands (on product's packet), Cool Bands ( the gang called it that coz we always see "cool" guys wearing them), Gummy Bracelets (WGTG Fashion), Awareness Bracelets (Wikipedia) or juz plain Silicone Wristbands.

Produced by Nike, with the word "UNITED" printed on it. so it can also be called Nike's United Wristband.

The wristband costs RM18.90 for 3 of them. But after discount, it costs RM 17. it's RM 5.67 per band.

Guess whose hand this is, and you'll get something you request personally.

So, now i'm gonna calculate the amount i spent in ONE day.

3 Wristband, RM17.01
A mouse, RM 60
Haircut, RM 7
Fast Food, RM 3
The satisfaction of spending RM88.00 and get RM0.99 back in one day, PRICELESS

There are some things not worth buying. For everything else, CASH is enough.

This commercial-like calculation is brought to you by Da Club Crap Talking Dept.
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At 7:46 pm, Blogger Sherp

wow.. ur mouse looks nice!! "nice to touch" huh :P can tell from the material kinda... like my sis'

and wristbands so expensive?? i thought they were cheaper than that.. but why suddenly wan to wear them? *they look cool btw :)*


At 8:56 pm, Blogger Pyroboy1911

coz of the word "NIKE" on the package and the tick logo on the band itself


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