Wednesday, August 20, 2008, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 9:18 pm
Before you start going "Oh, Pyroboy turned further away from the forces of good" again, I'm not literally addicted to Caffeine. I'm addicted to coffee.

And not Kopi O, Kopi Kaw or watever kopitiam's kopi.

I'm talking about lattes like Mocha, Cappucino and stuff like that.

Anyways, since buying a cup of coffee almost everyday during my break time in uni, i've decided to buy Nescafe so i can drink at home as well as at uni.

Its said that coffee is a good antioxidant that will make my skin smoother and fresher.

1 average serving contains 360mg of caffeine.

Why am i taking pictures of half the bottle only? Actually nothing la....juz wanna test my video phone's macro mode only..

What it looks like inside:

Anyway, now that i have the main power ingredient, i can make my own caffe. First, i heat up milk.

Then, add Nescafe instant coffee.

Next, add sugar.

Add Milo powder for extra taste and texture.

Simple steps to making ur own latte. Enjoy!
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At 4:52 pm, Blogger - wen 531 -

no wonder ask me noe how to make it o not hoho
but too bad i hv disappointed u x.x


At 12:43 am, Blogger Sherp

ah now a coffee expert :p

will try it sometime


At 10:23 pm, Blogger Pyroboy1911

wen: yea lor...i oredi said, as long as u dun beat me in culinary skills, u cant pass hotel management hohoho!!

sherp: i am an expert in everything :P
yea, u shud try making it too, better than ur normal black coffee bleh.


At 12:42 pm, Blogger nikita

SO jobless ._.


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