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After a long time of not blogging, it's time for me to brag blog about my new toy. Behold my new Sony Ericsson K850i!!

Ok, this pic sucks because i'm still using my old W700i's 2MP camera. But no worries, now i have a 5MP camera phone! Here's a better picture of it.

It's Sony Ericsson's latest K series mobile, a Cybershot phone with a 5MP camera, and also a VGA camera for video calling purposes. Yeah, the so called 3G. Some pics taken with the camera:

Click on it to view it's full resolution.

Besides the camera, another specialty of this phone is it's half touch screen mode. Usually for a phone, there will be button for options like "select" and "back". This phone doesn't. Instead, touch sensitive device is installed under the screen, so doing selections are by pressing on the bottom part of the screen. you can see how it works from this video:

Another thing is that this phone comes with a motion sensor. Basically, it can detect ur phone's position, and change the view of the screen, just like the video above (if you watched it). Plus a game installed with the phone also uses motion sensor to play:

So you must be thinking, where the hell did i get so much money to afford such phone. Well, i dont.

Actually, i spend AUD30 per month on handphone prepaid credits. with that, i got AUD150 worth of credit, which i spends only half of them. So i decided to switch to postpaid cap plan. For AUD29 per month, i got AUD120 worth of credit. Plus, i got this phone for AUD10 per month for 24 months, making it worth AUD240. RM720 may sound like a big deal of a money, but the price for this phone in Malaysia is RM1500-Rm1600. retail price in Australia is around AUD1000. So i still think i got myself a good deal.

But that's not just the reason i decided to get this phone. I blog. Blog needs picture. Without a digital camera, my phone is my only way to take picture. But the 2MP camera i have right now is...well, just look at the first pic and you will know what i'm saying. Try comparing the picture i have last time and those i captured with my new phone. The difference is so huge. Now i know i'm satisfied with the picture quality :)

And mum, hope u will keep ur lecture on spending money short and simple. I'll be sending you Mothers Day wishes soon ;)
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At 6:20 am, Blogger < u3! y!nG >

The phone is very nice.
Ur mum reads your blog?


At 2:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous

Huh? now i juz realise tat the phone got motion sensor le.....quite cool....lolx...


At 2:01 am, Anonymous Anonymous

its me Dennis...lolz...


At 9:53 pm, Blogger Pyroboy1911

uei ying: unfortunately, she does :P
but that's ok, coz that's her way to find out about my life. no need for me to do a report for her weekly, easy eh? :P

anonymous: lucky u mention it, if not i would have thought u are Jill..LOL!


At 12:43 am, Anonymous lynnx01

Good choice and definitely great deal! I am a hardcore Sony fan (even though I am using Nokia now..)!

Congrats on your new hp. :D Me tumpang happy for you.


At 7:23 pm, Blogger < u3! y!nG >



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