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I know that i have not been posting for 2 weeks now, until there's speculation surfacing saying that i'm dead due to being suffocated by big Aussie momma. That is not true. Because i'm posting here. Or i may turn out to be that big Aussie momma, hacking into his account.

Anyway, as a compensation for the long absence, I'll write about my Easter weekends. It start off with Holy Thursday, with the mass at 8pm. The Cathedral of St. Francis Xavier is one of the most beautiful cathedral i've ever seen. built since 1881, the cathedral managed to maintain most of it's originality.

After Thursday, we went for the Good Friday mass on Saturday Friday. The cathedral is crowded, but unlike Bintulu, it only started to get crowded towards the last 10 minutes before the mass starts. Back at my place, if you dun arrive at least 45 minutes before mass, you'll ended up with nowhere to sit.

The bad part is, you don't get to see many young people in the church. Most of the people in there are elderly people. 90% of the young ones are Asians, who are more "unmodernized", i could say.

Anyway, after the mass, we went back and did nothing. What can we do? It's Good Friday! What, go clubbing? Sheesh.....

Friday goes to Saturday, and we have Easter Vigil that night. We were supposed to go with some friends to a club to hang out, but me and another two friends went to church, and said that if we're still in time, we'll join them after church. But halfway through the sermons, i felt my stomach churning. I went to the toilet twice during the whole mass, and i would not elaborate more because it is rated 18SG (Super Gross) and some of my readers are still underage.

Besides that, i forgot to bring my passport as proof of identification. So with that, my plan of going to a club is gone. We met a friend of my friend, and we went to China Town to have some drinks and some chat. After we're done, it's already 12am. We waited for the bus, and we stupidly turned down the last bus for that night, thinking there are other buses. We waited and waited and waited until 1am, before i cleared my tummy again at the public toilet (21SSG), then we walked all the way back to our lodge.

the whole journey took us 1 hour, so we arrived by 2am. What a bad night, missing a night at the club, had bad tummy ache, and had to walk for 1 hour in an autumn night.

And i suspect the cause of it is the curry my friend made.

On Easter Sunday, my cousins asked me out to have buffet with them, so i enjoyed all the good food at an all-you-can-eat restaurant. Then that night, my cousin brought me to a bar to watch Man Utd play against Liverpool, the matchup between two arch rivals.

There were supporters from Man Utd on one side, and Liverpool supporter on the other. The Reds' supporters signs their hearts out, worshiping their club and taunting us. It never felt better when we scored 3 goals against Liverpool. There's this drunk MU supporter started to taunt the Liverpool fans, and things almost got ugly until someone pulled that fellow away. And it happens just beside me.

Then Easter Monday arrived. It was so bored, my friend suggested we go to the beach. So we go to Henley Beach.

It's not the beast of beaches you can see, but it's definitely better than Tanjung Batu. If only the shore is a little bit wider and bigger, it would be a good beach with people sun bathing, playing volleyball or hot chicks in bikini more.

We walked all the way from the place the bus stopped to the jetty. People are fishing there, maybe one day we will start too, because fish are expensive here.

Before going home, we bought 8 pints of Vodka Cruiser for 18 dollars, which is $2.25 per bottle. It's even cheaper than back in Malaysia!

So that's my Easter weekend, before going back to my crappy schooling days again.
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At 2:15 am, Blogger Sherp

wahseh. such a hectic hectic holiday u had. haha so packed and so many things to do. see everything is okii in the end.
HAHA. 18SG >__>
gd luck with crappy schooling days! hehe


At 6:37 pm, Blogger < u3! y!nG >

Good post. =)


At 8:11 pm, Blogger LingDi

Nice one!
Walking for 1 hour in the middle of the autumn night? Didn't you feel cold? So scary to walk in the middle of the night like that! Haha..


At 10:28 pm, Blogger Pyroboy1911

sherp: ah? does it sound okii???

uei ying: thanks!

lingdi: well, i did wear long sleeves, so it's not too bad.


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