Saturday, August 11, 2007, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 7:37 pm
Exactly a week ago, i went to the annual TechARP BBQ, coz Max asked me to go. So at 4.30 pm on the 4th of August, both of us went down to Kelana Jaya, where TechARP's Big Boss, Dr. Adrian Wong is staying. So we use our normal route down to KL- via the local bus and RapidKL bus. So after an 1 hour journey, we arrived at KL Sentral, waiting for Max's friend, Chai to pick us up. As i was waiting, i went over to a big fish aquarium, to see fish swimming around.

As i was looking at the fish and corals, i noted something peculiar:

Eh, nowadays fish can also do backstroke swimming.

As i looked closer, to my horror, it's not a fish with talent, but a dead fish!

WTF!!! A dead fish inside a big and eye-catching aquarium! what is the management of KL Sentral doing? The fish has holes in its body ( i assume nibbled by the other fishes), and even worse, one of it's eye has come out of it's socket, dangling and swinging around as the fish is "backstroking".

But i have to say, the dead fish attracted more attention than the other alive fish.

So when Chai arrived, he sent us to Dr. Adrian's apartment, where the BBQ was held. When we arrived, i was looking at everyone, wondering who they are. I only know like 5 of them, which i met only once before. So i sat down and waited for them to start the BBQ. As expected, their convos are mainly on computer hardwares. What do you expect from members of a hardware enthusiast site?

So most of the time, i just sat there, listening to the 50% of things that i actually knew, while enjoying my meals which consists of hotdogs and chicken meat.

Picture taken by Chai.

For those who haven seen me or forget how i looked like, i'm de one on the far left, dun get confused.

After that, as usual, after every gathering there will be a mass group picture.

Picture taken by Chai.

After most of the guys went back, the few of us hang back, drinking vodka while chit-chatting about movies that we watched recently. We went back to Klang at around 11.30, reached at 12.00 midnight.

For those who are interested in hardware stuff and other computer stuffs as well, you might wanna visit or if you have any questions of things to share, TechARP Forum will always accept new members.

Hhmm...i wonder whether i will get paid by TechARP for advertising them...
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At 4:10 am, Blogger Sherp

poor fishie :(

...drinking vodka! :O !!! hahaha. did u mix it with anything?


At 10:26 am, Blogger Pyroboy1911

with 7 Up of coz..haha...if i were to drink straight, i would have died...LOL


At 2:58 pm, Anonymous T_yly

i'm jealous ...

haha ,got any inside scoop of Penryn with its fast radix-16 divider ?

btw : great work on updating ur blog =)


At 5:44 pm, Blogger Pyroboy1911

jealous? this is the benifit of having a techARP contributer living in the next tell u frankly, i dunno half the stuff they are talking..hahaha..

Well, dun think so, or probably i din notice, as i said before, i dun understand half the stuff they were chatting..hahaha...

my blog? it's "sponsored" now, so need to get more ppl to come in and "visit my sponsor"...:P


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