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On a very sunny and great day of 25th of november, though it rained the night before( juz after i get out of the airplane) , a new family is created! but only can post this week, coz of some "great" computer guy...anyway, it's the marriage of my cuzzin, Eric and his beloved wife, Janette.....i'll juz show the pics....if wanna know the program, ask me..hehe...

The bride being brought in by her daddy

The groom and bride on the altar

All of us after the mass

The couple offering tea to his and my grandma

The couple offering tea to their aunt and uncle a.k.a my parents

My bro and i offering our "cuzzin bro" and our ah soh (darn camera man)

The couple after the tea drinking and giving....looking tired...

My family before the dinner

The couple cutting the cake

Us with the younger bro of the groom

P.S. : The pictures with RED caption is taken by me, while the picture with WHITE caption is by others...
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At 6:39 pm, Blogger Sherp

wow... must have been so fun.. especially the dinner huh? ^^

lots of nice nice pics!! hehe
oh ya... your brother changed a lot! last time i saw him.... haha still so small.

the wedding dress is really beautiful.. haha
btw, good photographic skills =D


At 11:55 pm, Blogger Pyroboy1911

haha...well, he's a flag pole now...haha...thanks for de compliment


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