Sunday, December 10, 2006, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 4:07 am
Today, we were supposed to watch the badminton, so in the morning, around 9.30, we went to the stadium for tickets....But to our disappointment, the ticket only sells at i waited...and waited...and waited....until, finally, i get to buy the 5 tickets!!! Since the game only started at 4.00, so we all go to the market to buy lunch and dinner, since it will finish at 9. When we get back to the hall, to our very very very disappointment again, the stadium is full!!! How come? the ticket they sell is to enter the building , not the game itself, since there are 4 games being held in that hall....but there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel...we thought it was all over, until somebody told us that there will be aired live on the tv in the indoor cycling we all went there to watch it...

The tv we were "forced" to watch

The match we saw was the men's single final, with Taufik Hidayat beat Lin Dan in only 2 sets...then, the women's double final, both teams from China.....The last match is men's double final, with Malaysia vs. Indonesia...Malaysia beat Indonesia 21-13, 21-14 in only 27 minutes!!! We were overwhelmed with feelings, partly because of many Indonesians in the cycling track with us, and it's fun to see other people lose...:P
Anyway, when the prize giving ceremony appeared, we saw many people getting out of the, we decided to go there....and looks like the light from the tunnel earlier comes from a disco ball!!! we managed to get inside, and see the ceremony live!!!

The players receiving the medals

The flag raised when the Negaraku was sung

Us with die hard fans of Malaysia

This concludes my report of the Doha Asian Games 2006. Until then, this is Pyroboy1911, goodbye and may the force be with you.

Pyromind: How come no ticket???!!! If there is not enough seats, shouldn't have make so many tickets available...I wasted the whole morning just to buy tickets so that i can watch a big screen in it? Not fair, not least i got some personal pictures least Qatar Riyal 50 ( equivalent to Rm50) did not go to waste...
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At 11:06 am, Anonymous Betho come liddat??
wow...looks like u all enjoy urself very much...
hehe..dont forget to buy sth for me


At 1:28 pm, Blogger Pyroboy1911

yea...very lousy management...ok la...last night i think i sang negaraku the loudest in my entire life...haha...


At 3:47 am, Blogger Sherp

haha would hv been awesome if i saw u on tv ~

my cousins and I even stood up to sing negaraku, feel so proud of msia!!!


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