Friday, December 22, 2006, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 11:42 am
I arrived back in Bintulu, feeling very carsick and airsick and more and more sickness...then went for a hair cut, then at night, my aunt from New Zealand come for a visit....Best week? Not yet...then the next day, a fren of mine invited me to go for a meeting at Medan Jaya....I arrived first, before other frens...While waiting for the rest, we talked... then the rest joined us...talked for some time, before me and that fren wanted to go to my house, to do some things....we did quite a number a things, like watch a movie, play guitar, look at bio..haha...then my fren went home..then at night, have dinner....then on wednesday, spend the whole day at home, watch movie, play computer and bla bla bla....thursday, i played basketball, then went to Gamester to play games, then in the afternoon, go to the cinema to watch is still friday, so nothing to blog about it....

Somebody : Then, when is the best day?
Me: Best day? hhmm...i wonder when it is...
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At 2:18 am, Blogger Sherp

hehe sounds like a very eventful week..
ur aunt is from auckland right?
no description of dinner? haha

now im sleepy


At 1:43 pm, Blogger Pyroboy1911

ya...Auckland....dinner? hhmm...lets see.....i'll juz say that the food will never get any tastier...haha...


At 6:37 pm, Blogger Sherp

very interesting description haha


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